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With GoHire you can schedule interviews & calls with job applicants in seconds


How Interview Scheduling Works

Event booking on GoHire is simple, seamless, and painless. You can schedule multiple events for you and your team in seconds.

Choose Event Type

Quickly schedule interviews and calls with candidates choosing from four unique event types for different hiring stages.

Set Your Location

Address storing lets you quickly choose from previous interview locations, such as your company headquarters.

Add Your Team

Add unlimited attendees to any interview event, and we’ll notify your teammates when you book an event with them.

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Calendar Example

Get a Personalised Calendar

Keep track of your entire interview schedule in your calendar. You can also open and view event details, and link to the applicant's profile, right from your calendar.

Calendar Example

Filter Your Event Data

The calendar filter lets you get the relevant information you need and increase your workflow. You can view job specific events, attendee events, and much more with the calendar filter.

Increase Top Candidate Conversions

Candidates Get a Dedicated Calendar

The candidate calendar is the perfect scheduling companion, giving you ultimate control over your interview scheduling. Candidates can respond to interview requests in real-time and keep track of any interview bookings from their web calendar.

Get Better Recruiting Software

GoHire isn't just interview scheduling software, combine your calendar with an all-in-one recruiting solution to increase hiring productivity, and throw away the spreadsheets.

Recruitment Software Feature
Customer Example

" Using GoHire has fundamentally improved how we interview job candidates. When combined with the recruitment dashboard, and the ability to post jobs live across global job boards for free, GoHire has become an invaluable tool for us. "

Dave Black · Senior Recruiter at

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