The way businesses hire staff is broken.
GoHire has fixed it.

About GoHire

Sophisticated, smart, and growing companies across the world are choosing GoHire to get the newest and most efficient hiring management tools in one place.

GoHire is a cloud-based recruitment platform providing an end-to-end hiring solution in one collaborative dashboard, essential real-time communication with candidates, and secure storage for all your hiring data, accessible anywhere in the world.

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Our Story

The creation of GoHire was scratching our own itch, born out of our frustrations with expensive and inefficient recruitment.

We were frustrated and bogged down by our current hiring process & knew there must be a better way of doing it. Why wade through unnecessary processes, when it can be so, so much easier?

We’re motivated by helping you succeed in business, accelerate your growth, and making everything run as smoothly as possible. If we can free up your time, allowing you to do what you’re best at - we’re happy.

Oh, and why are we in York? Why not jump into the startup scene of the capital? Well, we enjoy the unique quality of life here. Few other places offer the work environment, natural environment, and calm (yet busy!) environment like York.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings together expertise across engineering, design, human resource management and sales and marketing.

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Chris runs GoHire, his role includes product strategy, product development, product design, and customer support.

Chris Smith

Co-founder & The Strategy Guy

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With a passion for web technologies and many years experience as a full-stack developer, David manages the technical team at GoHire

David Brandon

Co-founder & The Techy Guy

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