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Data security and customer peace of mind are vital to everything we do at GoHire

Product Security


GoHire enforces the latest password complexity standards and credentials are hashed and salted using the latest PBKDF2 (bcrypt) hashing method with data encrypted at rest using the industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm, giving complete security across each member with access to your account.


We have extensive functionality in-app to give you complete control over your account. You can enable or disable multiple permissions for each coworker you invite to your account.


GoHire is structured into teams where manager members can only access data in the teams they are a member of. With teams, you can ensure data is secure across each department.

Best Practices

There are some really simple best practices you can instil across your team. You should only give account access to employees of your company. You should not give public access to your account.

Network Security

Data Hosting

GoHire applications, data, and services are hosted in Amazon Web Services. Access to production data is only provided to employees that absolutely need it.

Data Backups

Data is backed up regularly throughout the day with logs kept for the most essential data.


Data sent to and from GoHire is encrypted. Our API and website application are TLS/SSL only and score an ‘A+’ rating on Qualys SSL Lab tests. We further ensure security by encrypting data at rest with industry-standard encryption algorithms.

Additional Security Features

Employee Training

All employees get annual security training.


Employee contracts include confidentiality agreements to ensure any account data accessed is fully secure.

PCI Obligations

Payments made to GoHire all come through our partner payment gateway, Stripe. Further information about Stripe security and their PCI compliance can be found here.

Security Questions

If you have any security-related questions or if you think you have found a security vulnerability please get in touch with us at security@gohire.io