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HR Software

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GoHire provides no-fuss, easy-to-use and affordable HR software that makes hiring top talent quicker than ever before.

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HR software provides everything you need to make your recruitment process as easy and efficient as possible.

What is HR software?

Human resource (or HR) software. Human resource information system. Human resource management system. Whichever label you prefer, this application does one very important thing: manage employee information.

By ensuring that you’re able to enter, track and manage data about the people you work with, these digital solutions allow you to effectively nurture relationships throughout the employee lifecycle. From the second you realise you have a new role to fill to the moment you welcome your new employee on board—and beyond.


What is HR software used for?

Enterprises of all types and sizes use HR software for a range of applications. Whether you’re running a small business or a multinational corporation, human resource management systems are designed to help you manage your team more efficiently. 

These systems reduce the need for paperwork by centralising and organising employee information in a digital format. Rather than having to sort through reams of paperwork, you can access everything from CVs to stats and reports in just a few clicks.

What’s more, automation and integrations can help you to save time by streamlining workflows and connecting to other business systems you use. 


Why do you need HR software?

There’s a lot to do when it comes to managing people. Coaching, planning, problem-solving and delegating are all in a day’s work. Plus, there’s staffing and recruitment.

HR software uses automation and customisable workflows to help you to do everything you need without any of the fuss of traditional HR systems. Taking monotonous tasks off your plate to save you time—and paperwork—so that you can focus on growing your business.

  • Streamlining the recruitment process
  • Boosting candidate outreach efforts by posting on multiple job boards and social media profiles at once
  • Reducing cost per hire
  • Improving candidate experience
  • Automatically screening applicants with questionnaires
  • Generating useful recruitment analytics and insights

What does HR software cost?

There are countless HR systems to choose from, each with various features, benefits and pricing structures. How much your HR software costs depends on the features it offers and the subscription structure you choose.

Knowing exactly what you need your software to do helps you to reduce costs and simplify your HR management.


What are the different types of HR systems?

Even if you’re just starting out, there are a few key types of HR systems that you can use to keep your business on track.

Applicant tracking

Looking to grow your business? You’ll want an ATS (that’s shorthand for applicant tracking system) to automate job ad posting, collect and sort CVs, and communicate with top talent.


First impressions count. Which is why it’s essential to have a great onboarding process for new employees. Something that’s easy to achieve with onboarding software.

Personnel tracking

Can’t remember if an employee has experience in a specific software? Easily access their CV or job application to find out. Personnel tracking software helps you to collect and store all the necessary data securely. And easily access it whenever you need it.

HR software features of GoHire

Efficiency is the name of the game in HR management. And we’ve built a top-class HR software system that gives you all the features you need to hire your dream team in no time.

Here’s what we offer:

  • One-click job posting: Automatically share your job ads to more than 15 different job boards—including top sites like Indeed, Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter—to expand your post’s reach in just one click.
  • Free job description templates: Use one of over 700 free, ready-to-customise job description templates to make your ads look polished and professional.
  • Branded career pages: Import your latest job listing to an expertly designed career page that gives candidates a sense of your company culture.
  • Social media integrations: Link your social media accounts and use the power of your network to hire new employees by automatically posting jobs to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Recruitment automation: Keep candidates in the loop with automated messages and bulk responses throughout the recruitment process. Plus, streamline your workflow with interview self-scheduling and pipeline templates.

Why choose GoHire?

One word: simplicity.

Recruitment is complicated, and you don’t want your HR software to add to the fuss. We get it, so we’ve designed easy-to-use HR software that saves you time—and money. Our all-in-one solution gives you all the essential tools you need for recruitment success.

Excellent candidate experience

Candidate experience is key when it comes to attracting top talent. From branded job descriptions and careers pages to automated messaging and interview scheduling, our platform helps you to build your brand and keep candidates engaged. What’s more, you can track your performance and continually optimise your process.

Simple dashboard

There’s nothing worse than not being able to find something you need. Which is why we’ve cut the clutter on our dashboard. The functional, user-friendly layout creates optimal efficiency by ensuring you can access all of your recruitment tools in just a few clicks. No training needed—it just works.

Flexible, affordable fees

Our Starter membership is perfect for small businesses. At only £58/$78 per month, it gives you the ability to create up to three job listings, add unlimited team members and customise your recruitment pipeline.

There’s plenty of room to grow slowly, too. If you want to hire more people or put a hold on recruitment, you can easily upgrade or cancel your HR software plan at any time.

Start hiring now

With GoHire, you can skip the complicated HR software set-up. All you have to do is simply sign up and start hiring immediately.

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More applicant tracking system features

Explore more of our product stack and see exactly how you can GoHire will transform the way you recruit top candidates.

GDPR compliant

We are fully GDPR compliant. And we’ll make sure you are too with our dedicated compliance tools.

UK support team

We provide expert help online and over the phone, regardless of your package. Every day of the week, at all hours of the day, we’re here to support your hiring journey.

Mobile friendly

Stay on top of your HR anywhere, at any time, with our mobile-friendly software.

Applicant tracking system trusted by 1000's

Sebastian Ibarra

"GoHire has improved our hiring process from the get-go. We can now free up time to focus on the things that matter, the people."

Sebastian Ibarra

Sebastian Ibarra

Happiness Specialist

Jorge Diaz Largo

"We have a professional careers page that I can share with everyone. GoHire has solved our hiring problems and we couldn’t be happier with it."

Jorge Diaz Largo

Jorge Diaz Largo


Clement Debiaune

"GoHire helped us avoid the dreaded spreadsheet to manage our applicants. Its reasonably priced for its features instead of being priced because of the industry."


Clement Debiaune


Luke Robbertse

"GoHire has improved our hiring process from the get-go. We can now free up time to focus on the things that matter, the people."

Luke Robbertse

Luke Robbertse

Technology Operations Manager

Dru Dalton

"GoHire has made the task of posting a position almost effortless. Exactly what we were looking for."

Dru Dalton

Dru Dalton



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