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ATS: Applicant Tracking System

Build a stronger team with better applicant tracking

Get an applicant tracking system that helps you hire the people you need, right now.

Trusted by 3000+ businesses globally:

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Gain the benefits of an applicant tracking system (ATS) for you and your team

Hiring managers and recruiters look to leverage every potential benefit in the race to hire the best talent. From shuffling through untold job applications to delivering a great candidate experience, the hiring process can be overwhelming at the best of times - and even more complicated in a competitive marketplace. 

The GoHire ATS comes as a key differentiator for discerning candidates. You can count on us for expert advice regarding our applicant tracking system to help you attract and find the best talent for your new company.

Effortlessly manage your jobs and teams

Manage multiple jobs at the same time, organised into teams, switch seamlessly between each one to stay on top of your hiring and keep all your jobs organised.


Improve your teams hiring productivity

Spend less time on menial tasks with ratings, filters and search. Easily find and target specific candidates in your applicant tracking system, rate the best, filter the disqualified, and search for the applicants you want to take through to interview.


Get rid of boring paper CV’s

Bring candidates to life with beautiful rich candidate profiles and all the data you’ll ever need packaged in one easy to view profile card. Plus, you can switch through 100’s of profiles in seconds to save yourself time.


A seamless candidate’s experience

Our ATS automates most of the cumbersome aspects of job hunting by offering auto-fill online applications, self-service interview scheduling, and convenient consistent communication across recruiting teams. 


Save time with templates

Make your hiring campaigns more efficient with pre-filled email templates. Create unlimited email templates and send bulk messages to candidates for interview requests, offer letters and so much more.

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Dedicated support

We offer high-quality support for clients globally so that anybody, anywhere, can get help from our skilled support team that helps your business thrive with top-performing people. 


Maximise recruiter reach and minimise friction

An ATS maximises visibility for internal job boards while needing minimal clicks and removing barriers for prospective employees, often improving the recruiting process and increasing the chances of hiring the best talent.  

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Sebastian Ibarra

"GoHire has improved our hiring process from the get-go. We can now free up time to focus on the things that matter, the people."

Sebastian Ibarra

Sebastian Ibarra

Happiness Specialist

Jorge Diaz Largo

"We have a professional careers page that I can share with everyone. GoHire has solved our hiring problems and we couldn’t be happier with it."

Jorge Diaz Largo

Jorge Diaz Largo


Clement Debiaune

"GoHire helped us avoid the dreaded spreadsheet to manage our applicants. Its reasonably priced for its features instead of being priced because of the industry."


Clement Debiaune


Luke Robbertse

"GoHire has improved our hiring process from the get-go. We can now free up time to focus on the things that matter, the people."

Luke Robbertse

Luke Robbertse

Technology Operations Manager

Dru Dalton

"GoHire has made the task of posting a position almost effortless. Exactly what we were looking for."

Dru Dalton

Dru Dalton


Why do you need an applicant tracking system?

We can’t overstate the importance of an applicant tracking system (ATS). A tool that helps you identify and nurture the best talent is worth your investment. 

With an ATS, you can easily access a candidate's CV and their answers to application questions all in one view. It provides a bird's-eye view of the applicant, ensuring an efficient and robust vetting process.

Why should you choose us?

We understand recruiting isn’t about screening applicants and scheduling interviews; it’s a job of its own. This is why it’s more important than ever to understand the applicant tracking system when evaluating your hiring processes. 
At GoHire, we make hiring in the modern workforce more manageable. Here’s how:

Centralise employee data

With our ATS, you can quickly and securely access HR and personal data. Also, it makes it easier to apply from anywhere with text and virtual career fairs.

Manage documents easily

All organisation and employee documents are kept safe and are instantly accessible in applicant tracking systems.

Update records quickly

Our ATS allows you to import your HR data in bulk, allowing you more time to focus on the important stuff, like ensuring new team members are getting settled in.

Track applicants

Hiring is simplified and streamlined with our user-friendly applicant tracking system, from screening candidates to onboarding them.

Generate HR reports

With our ATS, you can easily identify the trends that matter with custom reports that present only the information you need in HR reporting software.

Get more done in less time

Start with a 14-day no strings-attached free trial.

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How does ATS software work?

Accelerate and streamline your complete hiring process with the simplest-to-use ATS.

Attract Talent

Enable your team to: 

  • Use career sites to market job opportunities to the right candidates.
  • Build talent pipelines and engage candidates with multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Make it easier to apply from anywhere, anytime, with a text or video resume.

Engage job seekers

Allow your team to:

  • Create and connect with talent networks anytime, anywhere.
  • Highlight your company culture and diversity with video testimonials.
  • Assist job seekers with customisable conversations.

Hire faster

Hire at scale easily:

  • Find, manage and hire using technology in the ATS.
  • Streamline how you create and deliver job postings.
  • Bring new hires into your business with ease.

Upscale your team

Support internal mobility and retention:

  • Allows employees to create profiles with automated skill recommendations.
  • Actively connect employees to positions, respectively.
  • Manage mobility within the team at scale.

More applicant tracking system features

Explore more of our product stack and see exactly how you can GoHire will transform the way you recruit top candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common features of the applicant tracking system (ATS)?

Here’s a list of common features an applicant tracking system should have:

What does an applicant tracking system do?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is an automated software that manages the hiring process. Besides, it helps recruiters and employers track candidates throughout the recruiting and hiring process.

Does ATS scan a resume or application?

The applicant tracking system scans your resume to evaluate if it contains relevant information and experience for a specific job. For example, submit only two pages of experience from a sales position for an accounting job. The ATS software will likely reject you because your resume contains very little relevant information.

What is the primary purpose of an applicant tracking system?

The primary objective of an applicant tracking system is to streamline the recruitment process and to make it more accessible and efficient. This is achieved by giving recruiters access to a dynamic, centralized platform to collect and view candidates, track their progress, and filter them based on their qualifications and skill set.

Why should you choose ATS from GoHire?

GoHire is a cost-effective, simple, and easy-to-use applicant tracking system trusted by over 3,000 businesses around the world.


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