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Case Study: Effin Amazing

The team at Effin Amazing now stay in the loop with everything hiring related

The Company

Effin Amazing is an analytics, marketing automation and marketing operations agency based in Orlando.

Founded by Dan McGaw, the former Head of Marketing at Kissmetrics, and also known as one of the original growth hackers.

Dan and his team have helped companies like Wistia, Masarati, Eventbrite, Clubmed and Forks Over Knives to measure and optimize their products and to acquire and retain customers.

With this vast client base, Effin Amazing needs a team that has the same ethos and drive across the business. They needed tools to help them take a more collective approach to recruitment.


"GoHire has enabled our team to process all of our job candidates quickly and effectively. We now all can stay in the loop with everything."

Dan McGaw - CEO at Effin Amazing

The Problem

As one of the most innovative marketing automation companies in the US Effin Amazing needed a way to align their recruitment with the progressive solutions they provide for their clients.

Previously, they were using platforms such as LinkedIn and Angelist to source candidates. However, they needed a solution to be able to store, manage and track the candidates they were sourcing from various platforms and then communicate with their candidates quickly and efficiently.

The Solution

With GoHire, this high performing marketing agency were able to store all their hiring data securely in one place, streamlining their entire hiring process where they can process all their job applicants faster.

“GoHire has enabled our team to process all of our job candidates quickly and effectively.” Dan McGaw - CEO at Effin Amazing.

Having the tools to centralise their hiring campaigns, communicate with candidates, and track applicants have transformed how Effin Amazing hire new staff.

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