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The Company

EngageRocket is cloud-based HR software that helps companies improve their employee experience using real-time feedback and analytics across the entire employee lifecycle.

Founded by CheeTung Leong and Dorothy Yiuin in 2016. Before founding EngageRocket they led the Southeast Asia division of a global research and consulting company as Regional Director and Head of Operations respectively.

EngageRocket helps talent to Belong, Grow and Perform in their organisations using cutting-edge data collection and analytics techniques, with a flexible interface that caters for every industry.

They have served more than 30,000 users across 22 industries in 13 markets in Asia Pacific, including companies like Novartis, Rakuten and others.






Human Resources





Leong CheeTung at Engage Rocket

"We went from having to stitch different email threads together to having a single platform where every function head is now able to manage their own talent pipeline."

Leong CheeTung - CEO and Co-founder at Engage Rocket

The Problem

EngageRocket were struggling with applicant data spread across a variety of platforms.

They relied on word of mouth for job advertising and some job boards, with applicants spread across various sites and email accounts.

They had to “funnel all applicants from the various catchment areas and job boards into one place.” Leong CheeTung - CEO at EngageRocket.

They needed a platform to collate all their candidate data, where their entire team could access the relevant information for their specific team.

The Solution

GoHire provided the perfect solution for EngageRocket, enabling them to put everything under one roof, having a new centralised tracking system for applicants across all the different open positions they have.

EngageRocket were able to remove the numerous email threads and PDF resumes and take a more organised approach to their hiring strategy, GoHire gave them greater visibility for each job campaign across the business.

“We went from having to stitch different email threads together with PDF resumes across different shared drives to having a single platform where every function head is now able to manage their own talent pipeline with visibility across the whole company.” Leong CheeTung - CEO at EngageRocket.

They were able to get live up-to-date notifications right in a dedicated Slack channel for each new applicant so they could “respond quickly to secure interviews with the best candidates.” Leong CheeTung - CEO at EngageRocket.

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