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Case Study: Glasswall

Glasswall were able to add structure to their hiring, helping them find higher quality candidates.

The Company

Glasswall specialises in cyber security and is a leader in the field of Content Disarm and Reconstruction. Glasswall is passionate about making the world a safer place by delivering prime cyber security solutions.

Based in Chelmsford, UK, Glasswall now has a growing team of 50 employees who are constantly adapting to new digital environments.


"We see a lot of value in having implemented GoHire in such a short period of time. It’s saved us a lot of time and effort and we’ve added an air of professionalism to our hiring process."

Luke Robbertse - Technology Operations Manager at Glasswall

The Problem

For a long time, Glasswall relied purely on recruitment agencies. They relied on them to do most of the leg work; filtering and sending CVs, arranging interviews and negotiating job offers.

“Although that worked for a while, it was a very timely, lengthy and costly process. We realised that no matter how much time and effort you put into that filtering and screening, it’s hard to know whether somebody is going to be successful until they’re in the job, they’ve hit the ground running and are embedded in the company culture.”

Glasswall then started promoting jobs on social media and sending applicants a range of screening questions.

“We aimed to set the bar high so that the few applicants that did go through the application process were much more likely to fit into our culture, think the way we do and work the way we do.”

The problem with this process was all applications were coming through to an email distribution list that was incredibly challenging to manage. Glasswall needed an efficient way to manage their candidates and hiring process in order to maintain professionalism and structure.

The Solution

Glasswall needed an effective ATS that was quick and easy to implement and ideally tailored to small businesses.

From utilising GoHire, Glasswall now has much less cognitive load as their hiring process is easily templated, pipelined and structured to their needs.

“It now takes much less time and cognitive effort to think about managing the candidates." Glasswall’s hiring strategy is more professional and streamlined so nothing gets through the cracks. Their communication as a company has improved and they can easily manage all applicants from their unified dashboard.

“At Glasswall, we’re raising the hiring bar and GoHire is the software that is enabling us to do so effectively and with minimal overhead. We’re now getting much higher quality candidates and we’re placing exceptional talent.”

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