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Case Study: Kyle David Group

Kyle David Group got everyone on the same page and saved hundreds of hours.

The Company

KDG is a high-technology consulting firm and business processes company based in Allentown, PA. For nearly 22 years, they have provided expert-level technology advisement and execution on behalf of our clients in the areas of business, government, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and education.

They believe strongly in developing solutions that build value within an organization, and our depth of industry experience has afforded us the amazing privilege of working with some extraordinary organizations while aiding in their growth, mission, and success.

kyle david

"...it would be fair to say that we’ve saved hundreds of hours in work that would have otherwise been manual had it not been for GoHire."

Kyle David - President & CEO

What challenges was the company facing before using an applicant tracking system?

We had used a tool prior that was not user friendly for the applicant, nor our HR Administrator. As a result, we had data that was fragmented. It made it very tough for us to create a seamless hiring workflow that was as candidate friendly as it was operationally friendly.

How did the applicant tracking system help streamline recruitment processes?

GoHire was a breath of fresh air! It allowed us to build our own unique hiring process into the software so that we could automate and operationalize the whole process. We have been able to quickly review and add notes to resumes, send things off to hiring leaders for their review, and even create shortlists for final hiring decisions.

What improvements were seen in productivity and efficiency when using GoHire?

The biggest change was that everyone immediately got on the same page. That’s a big advantage when you are trying to attract top-tier candidates. As a result, that’s just what we’ve been able to do.

Did the implementation of the applicant tracking system encounter any difficulties or roadblocks?

The biggest roadblock that we encountered when implementing GoHire was user adoption. When people are set in their ways introducing new software can be a challenge. Once we were able to show people how much easier GoHire made their lives, adoption happened much faster.

Was there a noticeable increase in candidate engagement after using GoHire?

Yes. We doubled the size of our company in just a few years.

kyle david group company photo

Which features of GoHire does your company use the most?

Email templates. As silly as that sounds, the email templates and automations make it so simple to communicate thoroughly and transparently with candidates. That lives our values at KDG.

How much time and money have you saved by using GoHire?

It’s hard to quantify, but over the course of a few years, it would be fair to say that we’ve saved hundreds of hours in work that would have otherwise been manual had it not been for GoHire. As a result, we’ve been able to dial in on more qualified candidates.

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