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Case Study: We Tech

We Tech experienced heightened levels of efficiency and productivity.

The Company

We Tech is a team of professionals with twenty years of experience providing IT services in Italy and Europe.

They partner with distributors, resellers, dealers and system integrators in the IT sector to support them in providing technical assistance services.

They have a network of more than 180 professionals distributed throughout Italy. They can ensure different skills and competencies to provide precise answers to our customers' diversified needs and intervene promptly, efficiently and reliably in every situation.

we tech case study

"GoHire is a fast, rapid and effective tool that can be visible on the main search engines for recruiting resources."

Nicola Signorile, Consulente & Staff Recruiter

What challenges was the company facing before using an applicant tracking system?

Before using Go Hire we wasted a lot of time, money and energy to recruit workers suitable for our needs.

How did the applicant tracking system help streamline recruitment processes?

GoHire is a fast, rapid and effective tool that can be visible on the main search engines for recruiting resources.

What improvements were seen in productivity and efficiency when using GoHire?

We have experienced heightened levels of efficiency and productivity when contrasted with previous operations. This enhancement has manifested in the form of expedited processes and increased effectiveness in achieving their goals. Moreover, the utilisation of GoHire has culminated in tangible benefits, such as the conservation of both time and financial resources, thereby contributing to the company's overall success and growth.

Did the implementation of the applicant tracking system encounter any difficulties or roadblocks?

 The process unfolded smoothly without encountering any significant difficulties or obstructions. The seamless integration of this sophisticated system can be attributed to the diligent planning, foresight, and scrupulous attention to detail demonstrated by the team responsible for its development and deployment. The successful implementation has resulted in an efficient and effective system free from bugs, operational issues, and performance lags, thereby ensuring a positive user experience for all involved.

Was there a noticeable increase in candidate engagement after using GoHire?

Yes, because we can reach a good number of candidates across multiple platforms.

we tech

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