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5. Evaluate and hire

Hiring new employees made simple

Hire new employees with more intelligence, and less effort. Collaborate with your entire team and analyse, evaluate, and hire your preferred candidates painlessly.

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Seamlessly turn your candidates into great employees

Make informed hiring decisions

No more digging through emails and paper notes to find that one snippet of information. With rich candidate profiles you and your team will easily be able to see specific data to analyse and review every applicant in your pipeline.

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Evaluate every interaction with candidates

Cut down on the amount of time you spend tracking back and reviewing candidates. Boost your productivity with notes and revisit every single piece of communication, feedback, comments, and notes you create all in one place.

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Get instant responses to your questions

Want to find out more from candidates? Sometimes when you're making a final decision about which candidate to hire you want to know more, a final make or break question. With messaging it’s simple, just fire a message over and get a response - instantly.

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Delight candidates with attractive offers

Turn your preferred candidates into excited new employees by delivering a beautifully designed offer letter, safe and secure in the clouds. With offers, its easy for candidates to respond and accept your proposals - in no time.

Keep your data safe with GoHire

GoHire is structurally robust, secure, and safe for you to be confident using and storing your hiring data 24/7. We guarantee an uptime of 99,9%. We implement strict data privacy measures that meet the latest GDPR policies.

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