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GoHire’s online recruitment software makes recruiting top talent incredibly easy, so you can make the right recruitment choices.

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Instantly communicate with candidates in real time

With GoHire each candidate gets a personalised dashboard to track their progress, events, and messages with you, saving significant time and organising the flow of communication you have with each applicant.

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Easily keep your interview schedule on track

Know at-a-glance which interviews you and your team have scheduled for the week ahead. Keep candidates informed every step of the way through the interview process by sending time and location data to make your interviews organised and seamless.

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Confidently & securely send job offers to your preferred candidates

Transform the way you send job offers to the best candidates, if you've never sent one before, don't worry, we've got you covered. With GoHire you can be confident all the data you send to candidates is safe and secure.

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More great recruitment software features

Get in-depth analysis for every candidate

Stop wasting time sorting through thousands of CV’s. With GoHire recruitment software you’ll know in seconds exactly which applicants you want to add to your interview lists. Now you can save valuable time choosing the best talent with powerful candidate profiles.

Work with your team & improve how you hire

No more searching through emails trying to find that one CV sent by a coworker. With GoHire you can invite unlimited co-workers, collaborate, manage, share information on each applicant, and import old CV’s keeping everyone up-to-date.

Why small and medium businesses love GoHire recruitment software

Eric Simmons at Tui Travel

"We have used GoHire to find 12 new hires so far. It has streamlined our entire recruiting process. We advertise a job and within 24 hours we get hundreds of applicants. It’s very easy to setup. Highly recommended recruitment software."

Eric Simmons · Manager at Tui Travel

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