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Tired of hiring from paper and spreadsheets? Get organised with GoHire - the recruitment software of choice for small and medium sized companies. Increase productivity and grow your team all in one place.

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Trusted by over 2500 companies worldwide 🌏

Kickass businesses all over the world use GoHire to simplify their hiring, attract candidates, accelerate growth, and hire new staff.

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Attract and convert applicants

Build a strong and powerful employer brand, give your business the platform to attract and convert top candidates, and start hiring employees that will grow your company faster, and better.

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Promote your jobs with one click

Expose your jobs to millions of applicants on job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter, sync your company Facebook Page, and maximise your reach to discover top candidates.

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Get all-in-one applicant tracking

Put your entire hiring strategy in the cloud, get rid of disorganised spreadsheets, and keep track of every stage of your hiring pipeline in one easy to use collaborative dashboard.

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Plan your interview schedule in seconds

Save time planning your interview schedule with GoHire’s simple and intuitive interview software tools. Collaborate seamlessly with your co-workers, and keep your entire interview plan on track.

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Make data driven hiring decisions

Analysing candidates and hiring staff in GoHire is easy-peasy. Wave goodbye to the guesswork. Evaluate every candidate to make the right hiring decisions based on intelligence and data.

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Get superpowers to hire better and grow your business today with easy-to-use recruitment software