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10 Tips How to Prepare Your SaaS Business for Funding

SaaS businesses, with their recurring revenue and scalability, attract investors. Securing funding requires understanding your business model, strong value proposition, financial projections, and more.

By James Yorke

28 Jun 2023 · 3 min read

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10 Tips How to Prepare Your SaaS Business for Funding

In the dynamic and competitive world of technology, Software as a Service (SaaS) has emerged as a leading business model. 

The recurring revenue, scalability, and enormous market potential make SaaS businesses attractive to investors. However, securing funding for a SaaS business has its challenges

It requires meticulous planning, a deep understanding of your business model, and the ability to demonstrate its growth potential to investors convincingly. This article will guide you through ten essential tips to prepare your SaaS business for funding, paving the way for your next growth stage.

1. Understand Your Business Model Inside Out

The first step towards securing SaaS business funding is having an intimate understanding of your business model. Investors want to see that you know your business like the back of your hand. This includes understanding your revenue model, cost structure, customer acquisition strategy, and competitive positioning.

Investors are interested in your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and your customers’ Lifetime Value (LTV). According to a Pacific Crest SaaS survey, the median SaaS business spends about $1.13 to acquire each dollar of new ACV (Annual Contract Value) from new customers. Your business is often considered healthy if your LTV/CAC ratio is higher than three.

2. Create a Strong Value Proposition

Your value proposition is what sets you apart from your competitors. It's why customers should choose your product over others in the market. Make sure your value proposition is clear, compelling, and supported by data.

According to a report by Accenture, 52% of B2B buyers said that the winning vendor's differentiation was clear from their very first interaction. This shows the importance of a strong value proposition when attracting both customers and potential investors.

3. Build a Solid Financial Projection

Investors expect to see solid financial projections that illustrate your SaaS business's potential for growth and profitability. Your financial projections should include revenue, expenses, and cash flow for the next three to five years.

According to a Journal of Business Venturing study, investors view financial projections as a reflection of the entrepreneur's planning ability and competence. The accuracy of your projections can significantly affect your chances of securing funding.

4. Demonstrate a Scalable Customer Acquisition Strategy

A scalable customer acquisition strategy is key to securing SaaS business funding. Investors want to see that you can acquire customers in a cost-effective way that can scale as your business grows.

A study by Price Intelligently found that SaaS companies that excel at customer acquisition grow 2.2 times more quickly than their industry peers. Therefore, having a proven customer acquisition strategy can significantly increase your appeal to investors.

5. Show a Strong Recurring Revenue Stream

Recurring revenue is a key attribute of SaaS businesses that investors find attractive. It provides predictability and demonstrates customer loyalty. Investors will look at your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) to gauge your business's financial health.

According to a report by KeyBanc, a good SaaS company should aim for an annual revenue growth rate of at least 20%. If you can demonstrate a strong recurring revenue stream with a high growth rate, you will be in a strong position to secure funding.

6. Showcase Your Team

Investors don't just invest in businesses - they invest in people. A strong, competent team with a proven track record can significantly increase your chances of securing SaaS business funding.

A study by First Round Capital found that founding teams with a history of successful collaborations were significantly more likely to succeed. Therefore, showcase your team's experience, skills, and successes when pitching to investors.

7. Build an Impressive Traction

Traction is proof that your business is on the path to success. It could be a growing user base, an increase in sales, a notable partnership, or a media mention. Investors are more likely to fund businesses that can demonstrate solid traction.

According to a study by Startup Genome, startups that scale properly grow about 20 times faster. Showcasing your traction demonstrates your growth potential and ability to scale effectively, a crucial element in securing SaaS business funding.

8. Establish Clear Growth Metrics

Investors want to see that you're growing and keeping track of that growth through clear metrics. Key SaaS metrics include Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Churn Rate, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

According to David Skok, a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, a company's growth rate, coupled with its customer acquisition costs, are the most critical indicators of its ability to compete effectively. Thus, establishing clear growth metrics can help impress investors.

9. Secure Key Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships can significantly boost your business's credibility and its attractiveness to investors. Partnerships can provide validation for your business, increase your customer base, and give you access to resources and market opportunities.

According to a study by PwC, 53% of CEOs in technology companies are pursuing strategic alliances to drive profitability and growth. As such, securing strategic partnerships can be a powerful way to prepare your SaaS business for funding.

10. Be Ready to Pivot

Flexibility is crucial in the rapidly evolving SaaS landscape. Investors want to know that you're ready to pivot if necessary. A willingness to adapt shows that you're committed to your business's success, regardless of your challenges.

According to a report by Startup Genome, startups that pivot once or twice raise 2.5 times more money, have 3.6 times better user growth, and are 52% less likely to scale prematurely. 

Therefore, demonstrating a readiness to pivot can significantly enhance your chances of securing SaaS business funding.

Let’s Wrap Up

Securing funding for your SaaS business is an intricate dance involving a deep understanding of your business model, a compelling value proposition, solid financial projections, a scalable customer acquisition strategy, impressive traction, clear growth metrics, strategic partnerships, and the readiness to pivot when necessary. 

This guide has provided you with ten crucial tips to prepare your SaaS business for funding and in doing so, has set you on the path to take your business to new heights. Remember, success lies at the intersection of preparation and opportunity. Prepare meticulously, and you’ll be ready when the opportunity presents itself.

By James Yorke

28 Jun 2023 · 3 min read

As the Digital Marketing Manager at GoHire, I steer the company's online presence, constantly trying to push the company forward and exploring the latest trends in digital marketing. When I'm not working on GoHire's marketing campaigns, I embrace the challenge of running in the rain, take my loyal Doberman dog out for walks, and passionately support Tottenham Hotspur F.C. through the many highs and lows!


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