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14 Inspiring Examples of Career Pages

Not getting the candidates you want? Your careers page might need an update! We explore 14 Top Career Pages that you should be using as inspiration. 

By Ashok Sharma

3 Feb 2023 · 11 min read

14 Inspiring Examples of Career Pages

What is a career page?

A career page is an extremely important and valuable asset for the business organisation, looking for the best candidates to join their team.

It is a perfect catch for the employees and employers to acknowledge the parameters they want to have in their job roles or positions and in the company they want to join.

Top candidates always have a standard approach to knowing why they should apply to your company through the best career pages:

  • What can you offer them?
  • What are your company values?
  • What is it like working for you?
  • Why should they choose you over your competitors?

Why is a good career page important for a website?

59% of the candidates visit company's career page after discovering a job posting or offer.


The very first step of employee interaction with your company is through a great career page. Speaking a lot about employee brands of tech companies, the entire page sets a great example to inspire many recruiters in the same league.

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What should a careers page include?

A careers page design is the one that talks for you. Making this hiring page informative and cool and summarising all you want to say to applicants can greatly attract candidates to your company.

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What can you include in the company career page design?

Define the Job Role & Be Creative

Make the job search prompt clear and specific about job seekers' roles and responsibilities. Using creative copy to list job openings aiming to hiring potential candidates in attractive templates can create a central message for potential employees.

Be Energetic to Showcase Office Culture

Using an energetic tone in job alerts to encourage visitors can be a smart move to seek the attention of potential applicants. Images, graphics, and videos are included to showcase the perfect story on the best company career pages.

Past Employee Reviews

Talk about office life, healthy work-life balance, attractive benefits, and remote working options for potential employees.

Job Alerts & Regular Updates

Highlighting employee testimonials to give a personal touch can be a better idea to invite top talent on the careers site. Keep your company career page up to date and make it well laid out for current job openings. Don't forget to list and add a live chat option for open positions in the company.

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How do I create a career page?

Attract top candidates

Creating a good careers page design ensures you invite the best candidates for your roles.

Being clear on your company, available positions, and what you require from the candidate is a sure way of getting the best talent. For that, you can check the best careers page examples online.

Sell candidates on your company and beat your competitors

Use your careers page as an opportunity to one-up your competitors.

Research your competitors' pages and make sure you are more robust in the information they lack.

This may be the one thing that makes a candidate apply to your company over theirs.

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Create a good candidate experience

Candidates want the ease of use and a streamlined job application.

60% of job seekers will quit filling out an application due to its length or complexity. (G2.com)

Making your application simple whilst including all the information a candidate needs creates a good candidate experience.

In fact, check out GoHire's article; it gives you a complete run-down of what to include in your job descriptions and applications to create the best careers page examples for recruiters.

Here are the fourteen best examples of careers pages 

1. Slack

Slack is a platform that offers a professional, user-friendly space to communicate and engage with others, replacing the outdated use of email for communication.

Users on Slack

Slack also offers a great example of one of the best careers pages.

Maintaining their employer branding, the colour scheme remains bold and bright, like their company to your best career sites.

Their company values are introduced, along with their main missions and goals as a business and an employer.


Users engagement stats on Slack

Before the available positions are shown, Slack offers their company benefits - a helpful trick to persuade candidates to apply and sets shining examples of careers page design.

Revealing the list of available positions, jobs are separated into departments for ease of use and clearly show the job title, location and link to apply.

To learn more, check out Slacks careers page here.

2. Zoom

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.

Zoom - a platform for video and audio conferencing

Their careers page is simple yet utilises their company's prime selling point: video.

Including something visual such as images or video, can significantly improve and increase the applications received.

Candidates will want to see that your company can work with and use various media, and many prefer to learn about a company through video rather than text. Keep the career page examples ready to save you time.

Zoom's careers section allows easy access to more information through different tabs to ensure candidates make an informed decision about a position.

To learn more, check out Zoom's page here.

3. Iress

Iress is a technology company providing a leading financial platform, financial advice, trading and market data and investment management, and help with mortgages and pensions.

Iress - leading financial platform

Iress's careers page is quirky and unique - using stylish graphics to highlight critical information. It's an example of one of the best careers pages.

Like Zoom, Iress has utilised videos in its careers section to inform and encourage candidates to visit the best career sites in your organisation.

Iress also uses employee feedback, highlights key benefits of working for the company, and provides links to blog posts and more information on the best career site.

The link to available vacancies is easy to follow and provides candidates with valuable filters and categories to find the job most suited to them.

To learn more about career page examples for job seekers, check out Iress' careers section here.

4. Plan.com

Plan.com are a telecommunications company providing businesses with a variety of multi-channel communication, such as mobile tariffs, desktop phones, broadband and software such as Office 365.

Everything you need for your business to run efficiently.


With bold graphics and images on their initial landing page, Plan.com offers an example of a great employment section with all the information any prospective candidate would need.

Their hiring page is very informative, including company values and mission, awards, customer services, company governance and employee benefits. Plan.com shows you exactly how to design a company page.

Sometimes less is more, but Plan.com has designed its page in an intuitive and organised way to ensure candidates get all the information they need without being overwhelmed.

Want to know more about the career page templates for job seekers on job boards? check out Plan's jobs page here.

5. Spotify

We hire people who are good at what they do. But just as important, are a good match for us.

The audio streaming platform, Spotify, is an example of a forward-thinking, innovative company whose hiring page is no less dynamic.


Spotify highlights how to design a company career page design by maintaining their employer branding using the same graphics and design found in their app.

Spotify is a recognisable and leading music company, so their careers page contains minimal information regarding the company and focuses more on the visual aspects.

However, this can be a downside, as information on company values and culture must be found within the job descriptions.

Regardless, their careers page is engaging and creative, factors that a company such as Spotify should be utilising, making this an example of an excellent careers page.

Their available positions are categorised by department and location, making their best career site more accessible and user-friendly.

The page also engages with perspectives from Spotify's CEO, which is essential to prospective candidates wanting to learn more about the foundations and professional development of the company.

To learn more, check out Spotify's careers site here.

6. Quint

Quint is an operator of fintech businesses founded in early 2009. Quint uses proprietary technologies to power a portfolio of leading online fintech businesses in the consumer credit sector.

Deemed an 'epic place to work', Quint is another company that uses video on their careers page.

The video contains honest employees giving an insight into life at Quint, providing viewers with a realistic view of the company.


As well as great graphics, Quint boasts a hefty list of company benefits, images from company events, charity work, and not to mention a generous number of awards under their belt.

Continuing their core company values, Quint talks about their company 'family', which immediately is an excellent hook for a prospective candidate.

Ultimately, Quint offers a simple yet informative employment career page for the best hiring process for quality candidates, highlighting their growth, success, and dynamic and homely company culture. The current employees can also briefly describe the company's history and add value as an employer brand.

To learn more, check out Quint's page here.

7. Beyond

Design company, Beyond have used its expertise with various clients to produce a well-organised careers page. Their clients include Warner Bros., Google, Virgin and Just Eat.


Beyond's career page is not as informative as some we have already mentioned. Yet, its design and layout make it a perfect example of a clear and concise page to attract active and passive candidates through the hiring process to a great extent.

Keeping it short and straightforward, beyond mention their core values and mission as a company and their commitment to being an equal and diverse employer.

Beyond's available jobs on the career page are categorised into their three offices in the UK and US, so candidates can clearly see where their most suited jobs are located.

Positions for the active job seeker in the companies are highlighted with a short brief on the career page, outlining the extended position once clicked on.

Although not as informative as others on this list for moving elements on separate tabs, sometimes less is more in Beyond's case. It provides a well-designed, concise careers page that informs and entices their potential candidates or qualified applicants.

To learn more, check out Beyond's page here.

8. Refinery29

Refinery29 is the leading media and entertainment company focused on women, with a global audience footprint of 249 million across all platforms.

As a women's media company, Refinery29 has changed how content and storytelling speak to and represent women, always sparking the conversations that matter most.


Refinery29's careers page is a shining example of an inspiring careers page which represents their workers as well as their team work.

Leading the career page with their company mission gives prospective candidates a solid outlook of the company's drive and potential, allowing candidates to generate an opinion of the company and their application.

Using real images from their portfolio of work as well as their best candidates makes it known that Refinery29 are a genuine and inclusive company, showing a diverse range of offices, locations and employees.

Stats shown by Refinery29

Employee benefits are showcased well, along with the heading 'Feels Like Home,' presumably taken from Madonna's 'Like a Prayer', highlighting that Refinery29 is a successful, female-led business with a hardworking team.

This is such a unique aspect and shows perfectly how to design a company careers page. The design and layout of their page are perfect for listing job posts for one employee or many making the description clear and informative for the HR team.

9. Voltlines

The Istanbul-based transportation company, Voltlines, undertakes the personnel transportation for companies, reducing the workload of the driver, passenger and employer.

Voltlines - Istanbul-based transportation company

Their straightforward careers page highlights the main benefits of working for Voltlines and provides a brief company overview.

Their open positions are listed with the following links, including a precise location and date for which the job was posted.

Voltlines then add something that none of the previously mentioned pages has. They include details of the application process listed by the HR team.

Highlighting the main points of the application process is a big deal for a prospective candidate. It may be the make-or-break for their application.

Their company vision is then highlighted along with their short, medium and long-term plans - another thing not mentioned by anyone else thus far.

Voltlines expresses all the relevant information in a straightforward page, creating a valuable and motivating page for the recruitment team.

To learn more, check out Voltlines' careers site here.

10. Stashbee

Stashbee connects individuals & businesses who have spare space with those who need it.


Since 2016, Stashbee has been building a platform that connects people who have unused space with people who need it for storage and parking team.

Their unique platform continues to grow and has earned them a 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot.


Stashbee's webpage design and graphics make their careers page so easy to understand and read through.

Their available positions are listed with location and posting date and are followed up with another link to expand.

One pet peeve I have is a job description embedded in a company's careers section.

The ability to link a job description separately feels much more organised and straightforward.

The only thing I would improve with Stashbee's employment career page template is the information given about the company.

Very little is presented in terms of benefits, the best company culture and values unless shown in a job description.

Just a little bit more information could go a long way.

To learn more, check out Stashbee's careers site here.

11. Transferwise

Transferwise is an innovative money transfer company that aims to build a world where money has no borders.

They aim to build new ways to make moving money as easy as possible, as fast as possible, and as cheap as possible. And new products that let people and businesses take advantage of them.


Wise's inspiring careers page contains information about the company, their values and where a prospective candidate would fit in.

Jobs are categorised into departments to make it much simpler to find a suitable role. These are then separated into locations.

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Reviews from Glassdoor and Linkedin career pages are also highlighted. This is an important aspect that all companies should engage with as it shows an accurate outlook of the company.

Wise also dedicates a section of its hiring page to its offices, company culture to team spirit, showing the benefits of each office and its location - another great addition that could swing the candidate to apply.

The page has a simple layout that engages with images, video and the company's branding.

To learn more, check out Wise's careers section here.

12. Wistia

Wistia is the company behind innovative video creation software that helps customers to boost their brand and improve their online content.


It's no surprise that Wistia utilises its content in its best career pages, from GIFs to full video; its product is undoubtedly sold to the candidate - a helpful aspect when designing a company page.

Their company values, culture and mission are clear and proudly presented, with quirky, informal headings to make the information stand out.

Wistia's company benefits are clearly listed on the career page template, providing candidates with various incentives to apply for a position.

Again, their available roles are categorised by department, making their page clear and concise for the reader.

To learn more about career page inspiration, check out Wistia's page here.

13. Customer.io

“Having a dedicated CSM has been really important for us. It’s nice having a go-to person to troubleshoot rather than having to email support and explain your problems to multiple people. It honestly feels like a partnership, which is nice.” Lauren Triano, Senior Manager, CRM at Billie


Customer.io strengthens the relationship between subscription businesses and their customers by sending meaningful messages when they're most likely to be engaged.

With Customer.io, send targeted emails, push notifications, and SMS to lower churn, create stronger relationships, and drive subscriptions.


Customer.io's careers page is bold and innovative, an example of the best career page.

An essential aspect of the page is the number of images of real employees. This, like previously mentioned companies, puts them at an advantage over their competitors by offering the reality of their work culture.

Core values are highlighted with emojis on the careers page template, showing the fun and informal nature of the company.

Be creative and descriptive with the best career site software to attract candidates for job roles now!

As well as providing details of company benefits, the best career pages for jobs also provide links to company news, allowing prospective candidates to discover more about the company.

Finally, Customer.io explains how they offer flexible working for their employees, which is a very important aspect to many candidates in the present job market.

Customer.io gives an example of a top hiring career webpage page driven by its employee-first values, and family feel to the company.

To learn more, check out Customer.io's page here.

14. Amplitude

Amplitude has an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5, based on over 147 reviews left anonymously by employees. 76% of employees would recommend working at Amplitude to a friend and 72% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has been stable over the past 12 months.

Founded in 2012, Amplitude offers a product intelligence platform that enables its clients to build better products for their customers.

Tracking over 7 trillion user actions every year, Amplitude helps digital product and growth teams instantly understand user behaviour, build engaging experiences, and grow their business.


Amplitude's enticing careers page is decorated with intriguing graphics and bold headings to help their information stand out.

Amplitude highlights their passion and drives as a company, enabling them to put the succeeding information under this umbrella on the best career site.

Utilising a vital tool, Amplitude adds Glassdoor reviews and employee feedback onto their page, providing a real-time view of their company culture.

Amplitude also highlights a little quirk - calling employees 'Ampliteers'. This creates a homely, community-led tone for the company, which is a great advantage against their competitors of best IT career websites.

Their company benefits and office locations are listed before linking the user to their available positions on the data driven recruitment at hiring page.

The layout is ideal for creating the best careers page template, with clear directions to more information and the progress of the page.

To learn more about career pages inspiration, check out Amplitude's page here.

Key tips for creating the best career page examples for job seekers & showcase company culture vibes

I hope these 14 inspiring careers pages push you to improve your best company career pages.

Now I'd like to turn it over to you to create the best career page examples for your company.

The number 1 tip from this article, be sure to make your career webpage clear, concise and engaging - with an incredibly simple application process.

Let me know if you need help with your cool careers pages and employer branding by leaving a comment below. 👇

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should a careers page include?

A career page is the first impression of your company for the job seekers. It must be have user friendly interface with creative and catchy job templates to include descriptive about job roles, and responsibilities, company's benefits, special offers which a company offers to the employees.

How do I create a career page?

Add a landing page to your company's website and include different sections like:

  • Company's description
  • Core values
  • Office outings or business tours
  • Employee benefits
  • employers testimonials
  • Application form
  • Live chat option and CTA

What is a career page?

A careers page is the perfect place on your website where you can really show off your employer's brand like job openings, work culture, organisation core values, perks or benefits and most importantly the first impression on the job seekers.

Why is a career page important for a website?

A career page is the gateway for the job finders to make the first attempt to enter into your company's work culture and become an important part of tech team. Lisitng the page on your company's website, you increase your reach to those who are interested to join your company.

Best tips for creating a stand-out career page?

Think like an employee and add what they want to see at first.

Perks like salary packages, work environment, health insurance benefits and flexibility can be the limelight of your career page examples.

Add catchy job description with clear node about job roles.

Choose the best career page template design with call to action button.

By Ashok Sharma

3 Feb 2023 · 11 min read

Hi, I am Ashok, and I am an engineer-turned-digital marketer-plus-content-creator. As an experienced Marketing Strategist with 14+ years of experience, I am passionate about using viral marketing tactics to help businesses get discovered and recognized.


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