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12 Best White-Label SaaS Programs

Explore the world of white-label software with our insightful guide. We rank and review the top 12 white-label SaaS solutions, including GoHire, WotNot. Discover how these ready-to-brand solutions can help elevate your business offering and increase revenue.

By James Yorke

30 Jun 2023 · 5 min read

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12 Best White-Label SaaS Programs

In the dynamic world of digital business, the quest to expand product portfolios, reach new customer segments, and create unique brand value is an unending journey. But what if there was a way to streamline this journey, a sort of business 'short-cut' that doesn't compromise quality? Enter the realm of white-label software.

Picture this: an art gallery filled with blank canvases, each waiting to be transformed with a splash of creativity. White-label software mirrors this concept. It's pre-developed, ready-to-market software that businesses can rebrand and sell as their own, like a canvas ready for the artist's brush.

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In essence, white-label software presents a collaborative business model. Software developers, masters in their field, create comprehensive applications. Businesses, in turn, leverage these applications, imprinting them with their branding and selling them under their unique banner. It's a symbiotic relationship where each party focuses on their strengths, leading to a harmonious market offering.

Take the example of a digital marketing agency looking to satiate its clients' growing need for a potent social media management tool. Instead of venturing into the demanding process of building a tool from scratch, they can white label a pre-existing software like Social Pilot. With a dash of rebranding, they can quickly bring to market a product that meets their client's needs and enhances their brand value.

However beneficial this strategy may be, it's not devoid of challenges. Selecting the right software to white label demands careful consideration. It's a task that calls for understanding market trends and customer expectations and assessing the white-label software.

And that's where this guide comes in. We'll navigate through the bustling market of white-label software, spotlighting the 12 best white-label SaaS products currently making waves. Our journey begins with our top pick - GoHire. So, fasten your seat belts and prepare for an enlightening expedition into white-label SaaS solutions.

What is White Label Software?

White-label software is the metaphorical superhero cape your business didn’t know it needed. It's a product developed by Company A (the unsung hero) that can be rebranded and sold by Company B (you, the superhero in the spotlight). Much like those supermarket own-brand baked beans you love - someone else grows and cooks the beans, but they're sold under the supermarket's name.

White-label software represents an opportunity for businesses to expand their product range, boost their reputation, and generate revenue without the high costs, resources, and risks associated with building software from scratch.

The Advantages of White Label Software

Picture this: you're at a swanky deli, and you buy a sandwich. You're not paying for the ingredients but for the convenience of having it ready-made. White-label software works similarly and there are many benefits to integrating white label software.

White-label software comes with a smorgasbord of benefits:

  1. Speed-to-Market: It’s a ready-made solution that allows you to go to market quickly without long development times.
  2. Cost-Effective: Building software from scratch is expensive and potentially risky compared to scaling Everest. White-label solutions provide a cost-effective alternative.
  3. Brand Visibility: You can enhance your brand visibility and market presence by offering a product developed by experts in the field, without hiring your own development team.
  4. Customer Loyalty: Expanding your product or service can increase customer loyalty and retention.

What to Consider When White Labelling Software

White labelling software isn’t a walk in the park. There are several considerations to bear in mind:

  1. Software Quality: The software should be well-made, feature-rich, and user-friendly. After all, it will be associated with your brand.
  2. Provider Reputation: The provider should have a strong track record of producing reliable software and providing excellent customer service.
  3. Customisation Options: You should be able to rebrand the software to align with your brand identity.
  4. Financial Implications: White labelling might be cheaper than building your software, but it still represents an investment. It's essential to evaluate the costs and potential return on investment.

Choosing to white-label software can be a smart business move, but it's not a decision to be taken lightly. Do your homework, and consider your options carefully, and you could save money, time, and resources while offering a stellar product to your customers. It's a win-win situation!

Right, here we go...

1. GoHire

Product: Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Who's it for: HR tech companies, recruitment consultancies, entrepreneurs, VCs, job boards, BPOs, Franchises and any business with a similar audience.

Advantages: GoHire’s white-label ATS offers robust features that streamline the recruitment process, including job posting, candidate tracking, and team collaboration. White labelling this product allows businesses to offer a comprehensive ATS solution under their brand, increasing their product offering and brand value.

Learn more about the GoHire white-label program here.

2. PandaHR

Product: HR Software

Who's it for: Consultants, services businesses, SaaS products, marketing agencies and more.

Advantages: PandaHR's white-lable program gives companies a robust and powerful HR platform to rebrand, customise and sell as their own to their client base.

Learn more about PandaHR's white-label program here.

3. WotNot

Product: AI-Powered Chatbot

Who's it for: Marketing and IT agencies aiming to help their clients automate customer interactions.

Advantages: WotNot's white-label solution allows companies to offer an AI-powered chatbot capable of automating customer interactions, improving response time, and boosting customer engagement.

4. Social Pilot

Product: Social Media Management Tool

Who's it for: Digital marketing agencies and consultants looking to extend their service offerings in social media management.

Advantages: Social Pilot's white-label solution provides a comprehensive social media management toolset that includes scheduling, reporting, and analytics capabilities.

5. Simvoly

Product: Website Builder and Sales Funnel Software

Who's it for: Web development and design agencies seeking to provide their clients with an intuitive website builder.

Advantages: Simvoly's white-label solution offers a user-friendly platform for building responsive websites and efficient sales funnels, contributing to enhanced online presence and improved conversion rates.

6. Clinked

Product: Collaboration and Project Management Software

Who's it for: Businesses offering collaboration tools and services.

Advantages: Clinked's white-label solution offers businesses a powerful, branded collaboration and project management platform, enhancing client productivity and teamwork efficiency.

7. Weblium

Product: DIY Website Builder

Who's it for: Digital marketing and web design agencies wanting to offer website-building services to clients.

Advantages: Weblium's white label program provides an intuitive website-building platform, enabling clients to create responsive, SEO-friendly websites easily.

8. Mautic

Product: Marketing Automation Software

Who's it for: Marketing agencies aiming to extend their product offering in marketing automation.

Advantages: Mautic's white-label program offers businesses robust marketing automation software capable of executing and managing multiple marketing campaigns across various channels.

9. InboxArmy

Product: Email Marketing Services

Who's it for: Marketing and digital agencies seeking to provide email marketing services to their clients.

Advantages: InboxArmy's white-label solution provides professional email marketing services, including email design, campaign management, and performance tracking.

10. CakeMail

Product: Email Marketing Software

Who's it for: Digital marketing agencies looking to provide their clients with email marketing tools.

Advantages: CakeMail offers a white-label program for its email marketing software, equipping businesses to offer an all-in-one email marketing platform under their brand.

11. Mention

Product: Social Media Monitoring Tool

Who's it for: Marketing and PR agencies interested in providing social media monitoring services.

Advantages: Mention’s white-label solution offers a powerful social media monitoring tool that businesses can offer under their brand, enabling their clients to effectively track and respond to brand mentions across various social media platforms.

12. Moosend

Product: Email Marketing Platform

Who's it for: Digital marketing agencies and professionals looking to expand their service offering in email marketing.

Advantages: Moosend's white-label program lets businesses provide an all-inclusive email marketing platform under their brand. With tools for email creation, campaign automation, subscriber segmentation, and performance analysis, agencies can offer their clients a powerful and easy-to-use platform, enhancing their value proposition.

13. SE Ranking

Product: SEO Platform

Who's it for: SEO and digital marketing agencies looking to expand their service offering to include search engine optimization.

Advantages: SE Ranking offers a comprehensive SEO platform businesses can resell under their brand. This allows them to provide their clients with SEO tools, including keyword rank tracking, website audit, competitor analysis, and backlink monitoring.

From the comprehensive ATS solution GoHire offers to the robust SEO platform SE Ranking provides, these white-label software solutions empower businesses to expand their product range, increase their brand value, and boost their revenue.

Selecting the right white-label solution depends on your business objectives, customer needs, and ongoing support and maintenance capability. Enjoy the ride on the white-label wave!

What is a white-label SaaS program?

A white-label SaaS program is a software-as-a-service solution that allows businesses to rebrand and resell it as their own.

Why is a white-label SaaS program beneficial to businesses?

It's beneficial because it saves time and resources in developing custom software from scratch while offering a scalable solution.

How do white-label SaaS programs differ from traditional software solutions?

White-label SaaS programs are pre-built, cloud-based solutions that can be customised and rebranded by businesses. In contrast, traditional software requires development from scratch and may not offer the same scalability and cost-effectiveness.

What factors should businesses consider when selecting the right white-label SaaS program for their needs?

Businesses should consider factors like scalability, ease of customization, pricing structure, customer support, and the specific features offered by the white-label SaaS program to align with their goals.

Are there any potential drawbacks or challenges associated with using white-label SaaS programs, as discussed in the blog?

Yes, some potential drawbacks include limited control over updates and features, dependency on the white-label provider's infrastructure, and the need to continuously monitor and manage the rebranded software to maintain quality and security.

By James Yorke

30 Jun 2023 · 5 min read

As the Digital Marketing Manager at GoHire, I steer the company's online presence, constantly trying to push the company forward and exploring the latest trends in digital marketing. When I'm not working on GoHire's marketing campaigns, I embrace the challenge of running in the rain, take my loyal Doberman dog out for walks, and passionately support Tottenham Hotspur F.C. through the many highs and lows!


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