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Recruitment CRM

Either in-house or online, recruitment CRM’s are a remarkable solution for any company that is looking to find the right candidate to fill their desired role. CRM’s provide the user with a whole host of benefits and advantages in recruiting the right staff which, in turn, speeds up the overall recruitment process. Recruitment CRM’s are truly a blessing.


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What is a Recruitment CRM?

CRM stands for Candidate Relationship Management, and - put simply - a recruitment CRM is the engine that drives your team whilst helping you to build and manage your candidate talent pool. With a recruitment CRM, you can develop and nurture relationships, keeping you only a few clicks away from contacting your candidates and keeping them up to date on the progress of their role.

An increase in efficiency

Is your team still using outdated methods in order to keep track of candidate data? Are you being smothered by spreadsheets and sticky notes just trying to get basic recruitment tasks done? Surprisingly, many companies still use these methods and complain regularly about the woes of such an inefficient way of keeping on top of their recruitment.

Recruitment CRM’s greatly increase the efficiency of recruitment functionality. If you’re sick and tired of feeling stuck in the Dark Ages with your digital recruitment arena in serious need of a re-vamp, then a recruitment CRM is exactly what you need.

What are the uses of a Recruitment CRM?

Right, here’s the question: How do you know if you need a CRM system for recruiting? If you’re ‘tracking and managing’ via the archaic methods mentioned above, having exceptional difficulty finding your ideal candidate or if posting your job ads is a time consuming and arduous process then, yes, you need a recruitment CRM system.

What can a Recruitment CRM do for your business?

You will have access to a vast, extensive database that will enable you to build a talented network of candidates that can be accessed from one centralised location. You will also have a platform that can narrow down candidates and help you to assess and manage them based on the criteria that is most convenient for you.

The addition of dashboards, analytics and weekly reports will let you measure your performance. The CRM system is designed to make all these features easy to use in order to maximise efficiency and allow you to manage and control your entire recruitment process in one compact hub.

A workflow is a sequence of administrative processes through which a piece of work – like a candidate’s CV or a job application - passes from initiation to completion.

Recruitment CRM’s can facilitate any and all hiring processes through their advanced workflows using a variety of functions. These include but are not limited to, automated emails, pre-employment screenings, candidate background checks, interview scheduling and the amalgamation and delivery of digital offer letters.

How many times have you had a great candidate whom you were ready to offer the job, only for the offer to be blocked by a rival recruiter who managed to get to them first?

We’ve all heard horror stories like this. This is where Recruitment CRM’s come in. With access to a better way of expediting and tracking your approval process, there will be no need to wait for job offers and offer approvals. And the need to call, email and chase up business leadership for those vital approvals will be eradicated.

Pros and cons of Recruitment CRMs

No system is perfect, but some do come close. Here we have set out some of the basic advantages a CRM system can give you and some of the drawbacks that can inhibit them too.


Arguably the greatest benefit of a Recruitment CRM is the fact that they vastly quicken the pace of getting in touch with candidates. This in turn gives you the ability to schedule interviews with candidates that are suited for their personal skills and attributes.

For example, here at GoHire, we have created a system that seriously cuts down wasted time. This allows instant communication with candidates, seamless organisation of candidate schedules and the ability for your entire team to see the progress made. Find out more here.


An issue that many Recruitment CRM’s have – according to many recruiters who use this technology daily – is that they filter out the poor candidates from your database rather than finding the best ones.

An excellent remedy to this is GoHire’s Applicant Tracking System, which not only diffuses the hassle but also allows you to target the best candidates for your approval process.

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