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5+ Top ATS Software For Healthcare Businesses

Explore how ATS tools like can enhance the speed, quality, and data-driven efficiency of your healthcare hiring process. Ensure your team is filled with top-notch talent and make informed decisions that impact countless lives.

By Sophie Smith

17 Nov 2023 · 3 min read

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5+ Top ATS Software For Healthcare Businesses

Healthcare, an industry where precision, timeliness, and care are paramount, presents a unique set of challenges for recruitment.

A single misstep could result in a subpar candidate joining a team where lives hang in the balance.

The NHS alone hires over 1.3 million individuals in the United Kingdom, making the hiring process complex and crucial.

As the Workforce Intelligence Network reports, healthcare job postings in the UK have witnessed a 20% year-on-year increase.

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This escalating demand is for more than just numbers but for professionals capable of delivering excellent care. 

To address this, healthcare organisations turn to an essential instrument: an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for healthcare businesses.

This tool, akin to the trusty stethoscope, is vital in detecting the pulse of potential talent and ensuring only the best are called to duty.

Why Healthcare Businesses Need an ATS

Enhancing the Speed of Recruitment

With the global pandemic straining resources, an ATS can expedite the hiring process. As a Capterra study illustrates, 75% of recruiters and talent managers using an ATS reported reduced time-to-hire. A streamlined process ensures that crucial roles are filled promptly, allowing organisations to maintain the highest level of care.

Boosting the Quality of Hires

An ATS offers a systematic approach to sifting through candidates. With advanced features like resume parsing and keyword matching, only the most qualified applicants are selected for further consideration. In a field where expertise can mean the difference between life and death, securing top-notch talent is critical.

Empowering Data-Driven Recruitment

Data is the backbone of informed decisions. An ATS provides insightful metrics such as cost-per-hire and time-to-hire—moreover, source tracking and candidate communication analytics support more effective strategies. The Society for Human Resource Management states that data-driven recruiting increases efficiency by 30% — a significant gain for any healthcare organisation.

Augmenting the Candidate Experience

Just as patient experience shapes the reputation of a healthcare provider, the candidate experience can define an employer's brand. An ATS can facilitate a seamless application process, reflecting the organisation's care and commitment from the first point of contact.

With these compelling reasons for an ATS, let's delve into the top five systems designed for healthcare businesses.

1. GoHire

UK-based GoHire, with its user-friendly interface and robust features, is like the skilled surgeon of the ATS world.

Easy to Operate

GoHire's platform is designed for easy navigation, allowing even the busiest healthcare recruiter to manage the hiring process effectively.

Meaningful Data Interpretation

GoHire's sophisticated analytics dashboard goes beyond mere data collection. It transforms raw data into valuable insights, guiding you in optimising your hiring strategies.

2. Greenhouse

Greenhouse provides an adaptable platform with robust features akin to a nurturing ecosystem for talent growth.

Tailored Interview Plans

Greenhouse's customisable interview plans and scorecards foster consistency in candidate evaluation — a must in the diverse healthcare field.

Detailed Analytics

Greenhouse’s in-depth analytics provide actionable insights for each stage of your hiring process, empowering you to refine your methods and maximise efficiency.

3. Lever

With its straightforward interface and powerful features, Lever strikes the right balance between simplicity and strength, echoing the equilibrium sought in good health.

Robust Sourcing

With Lever's potent sourcing functionality, your talent pool remains rich and diverse, facilitating the discovery of top-tier candidates.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

Much like patient satisfaction in healthcare, candidate experience is vital in recruitment. Lever's personalised, streamlined application process fosters a positive impression of your healthcare organisation, aiding in the construction of a strong employer brand.

4. Cornerstone OnDemand

Known for its learning management system, Cornerstone OnDemand’s robust ATS proves its worth for healthcare organisations aiming to construct a strong talent base.

Seamless Talent Management

Cornerstone integrates applicant tracking smoothly with other talent management processes, ensuring efficient transitions from hiring to onboarding, vital in the healthcare sector where swift staffing is critical.

Engaged Candidates

Cornerstone excels at maintaining candidate engagement throughout the recruitment process. This aspect is paramount in an industry where 58% of healthcare workers affirm that the application process significantly influences their job acceptance decision.

5. SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters offers a modern, global ATS solution, crafted to meet the needs of a dynamic and international sector like healthcare.

Advanced Integrations

With integrations spanning various platforms, including job boards and social media, SmartRecruiters ensures extensive reach for your job posts. This helps you tap into diverse talent pools across multiple channels.

Insightful Reporting

SmartRecruiters' advanced analytics give you the data required to make evidence-based hiring decisions. By providing insights into candidate sources, interview-to-hire ratios, and more, you can refine your strategies to acquire top healthcare talent.

Wrapping up

In an industry where each recruitment decision can impact countless lives, the right applicant tracking system for healthcare businesses is more than just a tool—it's a lifeline.

While GoHire, Greenhouse, Lever, Cornerstone OnDemand, and SmartRecruiters each provide unique features and advantages, your choice should reflect your specific hiring requirements and goals. In the realm of healthcare, recruitment success is a direct contribution to the welfare of the community your organisation serves.

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

An ATS software solution is designed to streamline and enhance the recruitment process. It automates various stages, provides insightful data, and optimises the candidate experience.

Why do healthcare businesses need an ATS?

Healthcare businesses require an ATS to manage the complex and fast-paced recruitment process. An ATS can hasten recruitment, enrich the candidate experience, deliver valuable data insights, and improve the quality of hires.

Which are the top ATS software for healthcare businesses?

The top ATS software for healthcare businesses are GoHire, Greenhouse, Lever, Cornerstone OnDemand, and SmartRecruiters. These platforms offer features tailored to streamline and enhance the recruitment process in healthcare.

How does an ATS improve the speed of recruitment?

An ATS enhances the speed of recruitment by automating various stages of the process, from job posting and application tracking to interview scheduling and feedback management. This ensures prompt filling of roles, a vital aspect in the time-sensitive healthcare sector.

How can an ATS improve the quality of hires?

An ATS improves the quality of hires by providing a systematic approach to sift through applications. Advanced features such as resume parsing and keyword matching ensure the most qualified candidates are shortlisted for further assessment.

How can an ATS aid in data-driven recruitment?

An ATS supports data-driven recruitment by providing insightful metrics and analytics. This data guides decision-making and strategy formulation, helping to refine the recruitment process and increase its efficiency.

By Sophie Smith

17 Nov 2023 · 3 min read

GoHire’s Head of Strategy, redefining talent acquisition through tech. Passionate about efficiency, scalability, and strategic innovation. Let’s connect to discuss business strategy and the future of HR tech.


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