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6 Top Employee Engagement Surveys

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By GoHire

6 Apr 2020 · 4 min read

6 Top Employee Engagement Surveys

Let’s face it.

Understanding employee engagement can be difficult.

Like, really tough.

I’ll bet most hiring managers and founders haven’t even thought about employee engagement levels with all the other tasks on their to-do lists!

However, it needs to be addressed.

It’s important to ensure that your employees are working productively and efficiently.

75% of employees say that they would stay longer at an organisation that listens to and addresses their concerns.

If only there was a free HR tool to accurately measure employee engagement?

Oh wait, there is!

At GoHire, we've built an easy-to-use free Employee Engagement Survey tool to help you measure employee happiness and overall engagement in your company’s direction, brand and leadership.

You even get 6 pre-built surveys, created by academics, ready to send directly to your teams inbox.

What are employee engagement surveys?

Employee engagement has become a top priority for SMBs.

Startup Founders worldwide know that having a high-performing team is essential for growth.

It’s important to recognise that keeping your staff highly engaged can increase innovation, productivity, and bottom-line performance while reducing hiring and employee retention costs in highly competitive talent markets.

Employee engagement surveys enable founders and hiring managers to find out what drives employees to perform at peak levels, as well as what demotivates them.

Surveys can be sent out to employees annually, quarterly, or on a regular basis.

Typically questions relate to their dedication, productivity and engagement towards the company.

Why are employee engagement surveys important?

87% of organisations say culture and engagement is one of their top challenges, with 50% stating that the problem is "very important".

The most productive startups BECOME productive through the use of employee engagement surveys.

These surveys enable businesses to re-evaluate strategies and make improvements to increase the dedication, productivity and wellbeing of employees.

Employee engagement surveys can help to determine common problems among employees.

Effective solutions can then be created, resulting in an increase in productivity and company growth. 📈

Effective solutions

Top 6 Employee Engagement Surveys

With GoHire’s FREE survey tool, you can choose from six different pre-built engagement surveys to help measure employee satisfaction, efficiency and productivity.

Our employee engagement surveys have been developed with employees in mind; they are user-friendly, provide measurable results, and take seconds to complete.

1. Employee Engagement 🤝

With the ‘Employee Engagement’ survey, you can measure employees’ emotional and intellectual engagement towards the company, as well as their dedication.

With answers rated on a five-point scale, statements such as ‘I am proud to be an employee at GoHire’ can be measured accurately over time.

Seven questions will be sent out weekly - one question per week - to help understand employees’ engagement over a period of time, and the results can be seen any time.

2. Team Performance 🤼‍♂️

With the ‘Team Performance’ survey, you are able to understand essential team dynamics and employees’ engagement levels with coworkers.

‘My team has clear and prioritised objectives’ is an example of one of the questions in this survey. Measuring with a five-point scale can accurately determine results in real time.

This survey consists of eight questions, with one question sent out weekly, allowing you to see results over the space of two months.

3. Company and Leadership 🏆

With the ‘Company and Leadership’ survey, teams and managers can gain insights into employees’ confidence in the company’s management and leadership.

‘My manager communicates well what is expected of me’ is an example of the questions your employees will receive on a weekly basis.

This survey consists of ten questions sent weekly and rated on a five-point scale, allowing you to receive accurate, real-time results that can be tracked at any time.

4. Motivation and Belief 🎯

The ‘Motivation and Belief’ survey helps teams to understand employees’ job motivation and alignment with your company’s mission and objectives.

One question in this survey would be, ‘I have the opportunity to challenge myself every day at [my company]’, again rating on a five-point scale with one question weekly for nine weeks.

Running this survey over two months allows you to track employees’ motivations over time and thus gain effective results.

5. Personal Development 📈

The ‘Personal Development’ survey helps teams to gauge how satisfied employees are with their personal career development at the company.

One example of this survey’s questions would be, ‘[my company] gives me opportunities to learn and develop new skills’. The five-point scale accompanying the survey allows employees to give an accurate answer and thus provide HR managers and business leaders with the relevant information to make changes.

This survey runs over seven weeks with one question sent out per week.

6. Personal Wellbeing 🌱

In order to understand employees’ personal happiness and work-life balance satisfaction at your company, we provide a ‘Personal Wellbeing’ survey.

With ten questions including, ‘we are genuinely supported if we choose to make use of flexible working arrangements’, this survey allows you to take care of your employees whilst they have the freedom to remain anonymous.

The five-point scale provides accurate results in real time, that can be viewed anywhere, at any time before the end of the survey.

Personal Wellbeing

Why do GoHire’s Engagement Surveys work well?

Unlike traditional employee surveys, GoHire’s free employee engagement surveys send questions to employees on a weekly basis over a set period of time.

Plus, answers are anonymous, so staff can offer their opinions in confidence.

This new way of gathering vital employee happiness data will give you critical insight to help improve company performance.

How do GoHire's Employee Engagement Surveys work?

You can send employee surveys directly to your team’s inboxes, wherever they are!

They can respond to each question in seconds, giving you and your team a streamlined process that will get you the most feedback.

Employee surveys are sent automatically to your employees every week, giving you the information you need on a consistent basis in real-time.

From here, you can put your survey data into action and start improving team performance with valuable insights that make it easy to increase employee performance and create a better working environment.

You can send as many surveys as you want, completely free.

Employee engagement surveys are vital

You should be sending them now, next week, next month, all the time.

GoHire’s free HR tool is all you need to measure employees’ performance, engagement and wellbeing in real time.

Our six different surveys give startups Founders a way to proactively measure each element of the workforce’s journey.

Results are measured with short surveys that contain just a few question giving Founders a clear indication of engagement over a set period of time.

It may be useful to follow up these surveys later on once changes have been introduced, so managers can see the effectiveness of these alterations.

Managing employee engagement is vital to ensure a good level of retention and satisfaction among your workforce.

By GoHire

6 Apr 2020 · 4 min read

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