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Top 12 Recruitment Agencies In The EU

In a competitive landscape where 69% of employers are battling to fill positions, find out who's leading the charge in reshaping talent acquisition.

By Sophie Smith

8 Aug 2023 · 4 min read

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Top 12 Recruitment Agencies In The EU

In the face of today's dynamic and increasingly competitive business environment, navigating the vast landscape of talent acquisition in the European Union can be challenging.

A recent study by ManpowerGroup indicates that 69% of employers in the EU struggle to fill job vacancies, suggesting a significant talent gap.

Businesses often turn to recruitment agencies to bridge this gap and attract the right talent.

In addition to these agencies, technology platforms like GoHire, a leading hiring solution, also play an essential role in talent acquisition.

GoHire centralises the hiring process and generates over 2 million applications for businesses annually, aiding businesses in finding the perfect fit for their needs.

To help businesses in their search for the best talent, we've compiled a list of the top 12 recruitment agencies in the EU.

These agencies stand out for their extensive network, industry knowledge, and proven track record of successful placements.

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1. Adecco

With a global footprint spanning 60 countries, Adecco has etched its name as a leader in the recruitment industry.

The agency offers a broad range of services that include temporary staffing, permanent placements, and career transitions.

They cater to multiple sectors, including but not limited to, healthcare, engineering, finance, and technology.

Their impressive turnover rate of 91% in 2022 showcases Adecco's strong candidate selection and retention strategies.

By consistently meeting their clients' needs, Adecco has grown into a trustworthy partner for many businesses across the EU.

2. Randstad

Based in the Netherlands, Randstad is a pioneering force in the recruitment landscape. Known for their 'tech and touch' strategy,

Randstad seamlessly combines technology and human interaction to deliver an unrivalled recruitment experience.

They serve various industries, such as healthcare, finance, education, and construction, among others.

Randstad's annual track record of filling over 670,000 positions testifies to their wide-reaching network and effective recruitment strategies.

By integrating advanced tech solutions with a human-centric approach, they continually deliver quality matches for businesses across the EU.

3. Hays

Hays is a well-regarded global recruitment agency known for its specialised and tailored recruitment services.

They serve a wide array of sectors, from construction and property to IT, finance, and life sciences.

Hays goes beyond mere staffing to offer other valuable services such as market insights, talent management solutions, and HR consultancy.

In 2022, Hays successfully filled over 77,000 roles, demonstrating their ability to understand and meet their clients' unique needs.

Their comprehensive approach to talent acquisition makes them a preferred partner for many businesses in the EU.

4. Robert Half

Robert Half stands out as a specialist in staffing for the finance, technology, and administration sectors.

The agency employs a consultative approach to understand each client's requirements and identify the right fit.

In addition to recruitment services, they offer valuable industry research and salary guides.

Their impressive 93% client satisfaction rate is a testament to their expert matching of candidate skills with employer requirements.

Their comprehensive recruitment solutions continue to drive their reputation as a reliable staffing partner.

5. ManpowerGroup

As a global leader in workforce solutions, ManpowerGroup is renowned for its innovative approach to recruitment.

They offer a plethora of services, including talent management, career development programs, and workforce strategy solutions.

Their services extend to a broad range of sectors, from IT and finance to healthcare and manufacturing.

With a track record of placing over 3 million people in permanent jobs, ManpowerGroup has proven to be a trusted partner in the EU's recruitment industry.

Their extensive portfolio of services and commitment to delivering tailored solutions make them an attractive choice for businesses.

6. Reed

Established in 1960, Reed is an established name in the recruitment industry across the EU.

The agency caters to a wide variety of sectors, including engineering, marketing, and IT.

They employ a comprehensive and personalised approach to staffing, understanding each client's unique needs and finding the perfect candidate match.

Reed fills over 200,000 temporary roles annually, showcasing their quick and efficient hiring proficiency.

Their wealth of experience and deep understanding of the job market makes them an attractive choice for many businesses.

7. Kelly Services

Kelly Services stands out for its specialised staffing solutions, focusing on sectors like science, education, engineering, and IT.

The agency prioritises understanding each client's unique needs and delivering bespoke solutions that meet these needs.

Kelly Services recorded a placement success rate of 92% in 2022.

This statistic indicates their deep understanding of the sectors they serve and their ability to match candidates with the right opportunities effectively.

8. Michael Page

Michael Page, part of the PageGroup, is a professional recruitment consultancy with a global reach.

They serve a multitude of sectors, including legal, technology, sales, and marketing.

Michael Page has earned a reputation for their strong sector knowledge, quality service, and commitment to delivering successful outcomes.

In 2022, they filled over 45,000 permanent positions globally, which underlines their ability to source and place top talent.

Their consultative approach, deep industry insights, and strong track record make them a trusted choice for businesses in the EU.

9. Grafton Recruitment

With its headquarters in the Czech Republic, Grafton Recruitment has grown into a prominent name in European recruitment circles.

The agency serves various sectors, including manufacturing, retail, and construction.

They pride themselves on their deep understanding of the job market and their proficiency in pairing clients with ideal candidates.

Grafton Recruitment has a success rate of 90%, indicative of their ability to consistently deliver on their clients' expectations.

Their client-centric approach, extensive network, and commitment to quality service continue to strengthen their position in the market.

10. CPL

CPL is a leading recruitment agency specialising in the technology, science, and engineering sectors.

The agency is known for delivering tailored recruitment solutions that meet each client's specific needs.

They offer a range of services, including temporary staffing, contract hiring, and permanent placements.

With a client satisfaction rate of 94%, CPL continues to excel in delivering quality recruitment solutions.

Their deep industry knowledge, comprehensive service offerings, and commitment to client satisfaction make them a preferred partner for businesses in the EU.

11. Experis

Experis, a part of the global ManpowerGroup, fills over 130,000 jobs annually in sectors such as IT, Engineering, and Finance.

Their recruitment solutions range from professional resourcing to project-based workforce solutions, catering to a wide range of client needs.

Experis leverages their deep industry insights, global network, and innovative solutions to deliver quality outcomes for their clients.

Their breadth of services and proven track record make them a reliable partner for businesses in the EU.

12. Page Personnel

Page Personnel, a part of the PageGroup, offers specialised recruitment services across a variety of sectors.

The agency is known for quickly and effectively filling vacancies.

Their commitment to delivering quality outcomes, combined with their industry knowledge and extensive network, makes them a go-to choice for many businesses in the EU.


These top 12 recruitment agencies in the EU bring together a blend of experience, industry knowledge, and a robust network of candidates.

When combined with a platform like GoHire, businesses can further optimise their recruitment process and find the right talent that aligns with their needs.

As a result, they can overcome the talent gap, boost their competitive advantage, and drive their growth in the dynamic business landscape of the EU.

By Sophie Smith

8 Aug 2023 · 4 min read

GoHire’s Head of Strategy, redefining talent acquisition through tech. Passionate about efficiency, scalability, and strategic innovation. Let’s connect to discuss business strategy and the future of HR tech.


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