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Where to Advertise Jobs for Free in the UK? [7 Key Sites]

Finding top talent can be expensive, but it doesn't have to destroy your budget every time. Explore how to advertise jobs for free in the UK on popular job boards and save time and money hiring today!

By James Yorke

9 Mar 2023 · 5 min read

Where to Advertise Jobs for Free in the UK? [7 Key Sites]

Hiring is not just about onboarding the best candidates for a job. When you hire, you add top talent to your company's workforce, aiming to grow and achieve preset business goals in the future.

From popular job boards to referrals, and direct recruitment to company career sites, you may be aware of every hiring channel that can help you approach the start candidates in less time. What if you know that you don't have to raise your hiring budget when you have the option to advertise jobs for free in UK.

It sounds crazy, but it's the reality. Yes, you can post job openings for free in the UK. Many free job boards offer you the best way to advertise your job listings to get more qualified candidates rather than sponsored jobs.

Importance of advertising jobs for free in UK

Putting effort into advertising job openings without spending a penny can be a great option for recruiting agencies.

Why not turn on the job alerts for free when you have many benefits to reach the target audience on different job boards and channels? The top reasons to prefer the best free job boards, social networking sites, or other job boards or sites for job advertisements are:

  • Cost saving
  • Fast hiring
  • Flexibility
  • Brand exposure
  • Target audience
  • Increased reach

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Where to advertise jobs for free in the UK?

In this article, we have covered the list of free job posting sites, job boards, websites, or other resources where you can advertise job posts for free in the UK.

1. Adzuna


Adzuna is a popular free job posting site to advertise your company's vacant positions and job requirements. Visited by millions of candidates, it allows for browsing thousands of vacancies or jobs every minute.

It operates in 20 global countries and aggregates 7,000 sources for job ads.

On Adzuna, you can post one job as a trial for free. For more details about Adzuna’s job service, you can locate the local branches to target candidates in your location.

2. foundit (Monster)


foundit formerly (Monster) is one of the top-listed job posting sites, which helps employers to access resume databases to search for the right match.

As a hiring manager, you can explore this job board with its 7-day free trial, allowing you to post jobs for free and reach the right audience.

After the trial period, you can opt for their paid plans as per the recruitment need of your company.

3. Glassdoor


Founded in 2007, Glassdoor is accessible to all job seekers worldwide. With millions of jobs available on the portal, it gives an inside scoop on the top companies with greater visibility into employee reviews, company policies, and personalised salary tools.

For free job processing, you can have a 7-day trial on Glassdoor. You can make job posts on Glassdoor by creating a free employee account with all essential details like the company website, job description, salary structure, and no. of employees in the company.

You can upgrade to the premium account for better features to post jobs on Glassdoor to get more candidates as applicants.

4. Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs

Google is a popular job search engine, fetching results from different channels and sites. Millions of job seekers can see your free job advertising on the job boards when you post jobs.

From remote workers to full-time employees, Google search results replaced universal job matches and have emerged as the best platform to find the right skills and candidates simultaneously.

When you post a job, Google for Jobs can greatly boost your job ads. Selecting a service to post jobs for free, you can easily integrate your careers page and add structured data to your posts. One submission of a job post can be directly linked to your website. Furthermore, you can also do free job posting on third-party sites already integrated with Google.

Google Analytics makes your tracking success with clicks to your website through listing in the job search feature. It will gather free job postings from job sites and career pages.

5. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is one of the popular platforms for building your professional network worldwide. Connecting more than 750 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is the topmost employment and business-focused social media channel today.

It helps build and engage different businesses and professionals to find the perfect match by promoting jobs to broaden your audience's reach.

Free job postings on Linkedin expire within one month from the date you post jobs, and you will get an opportunity to post a maximum of one job at one time.

The job posting process on Linkedin, one of the free job posting sites, is very easy. You have to create an account with basic details and proceed to list a free job ad to reach out to the most relevant candidates in your network.

LinkedIn is the best option for your hiring needs if you don't want to waste your time promoting jobs or to the wrong talent pool.

6. SimplyHired


SimplyHired is one of the best job posting sites to list descriptions and ads for free.

Started in 2003, it offers recruiters an online recruiting platform to post jobs without cost and take advantage of a great network of 100+ job boards. Recently, it became part of Recruit Holding (Indeed's parent company).

To get more advantage of its latest features to aggregate job postings from different sources like job boards, career websites, and staffing agencies, you can opt for paid job ad options on SimplyHired.

7. CareerBuilder


The CareerBuilder job site is a search engine to explore different vacancies or employment options for those wanting to get hired by the best companies.

Go for their trial option to check about job posting services and features to list the descriptions and ads. Within the trial period, you will get a huge database of job finders, which after the screening, gives you a list of qualified candidates to proceed with the hiring process.

How to write job ads for maximum impact on the sites?

Posting a job advert to find the right candidates on the best sites is an art. Use copywriting skills to highlight what exactly gains the attention of job seekers like other job sites. Make a list of popular job board options or job posting sites to list your company profile and job ads in an attractive way.

Tips for attracting the best candidates on the free job posting sites

Not enough applicants? – Our job posting tips can help to approach the best candidates on the popular free job posting site.

1. Compelling job description

Making your job vacancy post catchy can attract suitable candidates to apply for the job role. You should write concise language to advertise jobs, mentioning job duties, academic qualification requirements, and other skills.

Highlight what makes your company the best and why candidates should be excited to work there.

2. Use keywords

Candidates prefer particular keywords for job search options on free job posting sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Adzuna, SimplyHired, etc. When you are ready to job post for job seekers, include the right and most searched-for keywords in the description.

3. Talk about your company's culture

Applicants are most interested in companies that are employee oriented. Give them the reasons to join your company. Discuss benefits or perks like work culture, flexible shifts, holidays, health insurance, etc. Make sure your company's profile is updated, as it directly reflects your vision and mission.

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4. Immediate response to candidates

Job candidates are more centric to the companies with immediate responses. When getting a quick answer from hiring managers, a job seeker will be more confident of getting the job opportunity in your company.

Install the job board application or career site on your phone so that you can respond to job applicants as fast as they apply.

Time cost for posting jobs on free job boards

Job boards like LinkedIn, SimplyHired, Jora, Google for Jobs, and other job posting sites offer a free trial period for recruiters to post jobs. It all starts with a simple job advert which needs a job title, description, location, and company careers page, and then you are good to go!

Knowing how to post a job advert for free on job sites will help you post in a few minutes, and your account will be loaded with many applications from the right candidates.

Let's wrap up...

When you think about job advertisements, the first thing that comes to your mind is what will be the cost and hiring budget to post job descriptions and open positions. However, free job postings to advertise job descriptions are the best option for locating potential candidates fast.

Follow best practices for effective recruiting and hiring processes by posting ads on free job sites and building a talent pool of relevant candidates today!

Which premium job site should I use to post jobs?

First, you should come up with a checklist of your job requirements. Google the free job-posting sites with a high employee engagement rate and a trial period. Choose the one to post a job for free the way you want.

Which free job advertising sites get the most applications?

Indeed is one of the best job posting sites and job search engines in the world, offering free job posting services to recruiters for generating a high volume of applications.

Many candidates browse this job board to find the top-listed companies' best opportunities.

Why is Monster one of the best job boards for advertising solutions?

Monster is a popular site to post a job for free as it fulfils many companies' recruitment needs. The list of top benefits includes:

  • Innovative features like a mobile app, virtual career fair platform, and video job descriptions.
  • Employee branding options to showcase the company's culture, values, and mission.
  • Targeted advertisements such as salary range, industry, and postcode.
  • Advanced analytics to optimise the hiring process and make data-driven decisions.


Can you post jobs on Facebook?

Facebook has 2.963 billion users all over the world. When you post a job on Facebook, it is visible to all your connections, and if shared in a group, it targets a vast pool of audiences.

What are the cons of Monster UK?

The potential drawbacks of Monster UK are the high price of job posting packages and limited customisation. Furthermore, a large pool of employers posting and job seekers creates competition to locate the top talent per the job requirement.

What website do recruiters use the most?

Indeed is one of the most preferred websites or job boards by recruiters. If you are specific about your job requirement, use its advanced features to locate the best candidates today!

Why post ads for job seekers on Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is one of the best sites to post jobs for free, and it has many benefits:

  • The large and active user base of glassdoor candidates
  • Reputation management options
  • Advanced analytics
  • Employer branding tools
  • Reputation management

How can GoHire help in job advertising?

GoHire is hiring software that helps advertise your recruitment requirement and streamlines the hiring process with multi-job posting, analytics, applicant tracking system, collaboration, and customised job templates.

By James Yorke

9 Mar 2023 · 5 min read

As the Digital Marketing Manager at GoHire, I steer the company's online presence, constantly trying to push the company forward and exploring the latest trends in digital marketing. When I'm not working on GoHire's marketing campaigns, I embrace the challenge of running in the rain, take my loyal Doberman dog out for walks, and passionately support Tottenham Hotspur F.C. through the many highs and lows!


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