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How GoHire's White Label ATS Can Supercharge Your Job Board's Earnings

Discover how GoHire's White Label ATS can elevate your job board, with users reporting a 45% increase in subscription revenues.

By Sophie Smith

27 Aug 2023 · 3 min read

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How GoHire's White Label ATS Can Supercharge Your Job Board's Earnings

The job board industry is fiercely competitive.

With an increasing number of platforms and rapidly evolving technology, standing out and ensuring profitability is no small feat.

For job boards, the solution to increased earnings may not be in flashy marketing campaigns or aggressive sales pushes but in the backend—specifically, in the technology they use.

Learn how your job board can unleash extra functionality and simplify integrations

All this with no setup cost

Enter GoHire's White Label ATS.

What is GoHire's White Label ATS?

At its core, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) revolutionises the recruitment process by automating numerous tasks from sourcing to onboarding.

White labelling is a practice where a product or service produced by one company (the producer) is rebranded and sold by another company (the marketer) under its own name.

This strategy allows the marketer to offer a product without investing resources into its creation from scratch.

A White Label Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is essentially an ATS developed by a third-party provider (like GoHire) that can be branded and tailored to fit the specific needs of another company.

This means job boards can have their own branded ATS without the hassles of development, maintenance, or troubleshooting.

GoHire’s White Label ATS allows job boards to have their very own branded, top-notch ATS without the hassles of development, maintenance, or troubleshooting.

Therefore enhancing their services and, consequently, their revenues.

Interested In A White-Label ATS? 🤔

GoHire is the best white-label ATS to grow your brand with award-winning recruiting software.

Unleash Recurring Revenue Streams

Incorporating GoHire's White Label ATS into your job board can open up a whole new monthly recurring revenue stream. 

Untapped Revenue Streams

Incorporating GoHire's white-label ATS means you can offer employers exclusive, high-value features.

Imagine rolling out features like candidate management, team collaboration, and integrated interview scheduling - functionalities that employers often desire but aren't readily available on most job boards.

Job boards can charge a premium by offering these within advanced subscription tiers, thereby increasing their per-client revenue.

Sticky Clients

A significant challenge for job boards is client retention.

By delivering an unmatched user experience via the white-label ATS, job boards can enhance their client stickiness.

In essence, employers are less likely to switch platforms when they're offered a seamless, all-in-one hiring solution.

This means more prolonged subscriptions and consistent renewals, translating to predictable, recurring revenue.

Consistent Cash Flow

The tech industry, especially the SaaS domain, has been a testament to the benefits of recurring revenue models.

With continuous enhancements, feature updates, and top-notch support that GoHire's ATS brings to the table, job boards can maintain a steady cash flow.

Instead of one-off transactions, you foster an ecosystem where employers find tangible value month after month, ensuring they're happy to continue their subscriptions.

Beyond Monetary Benefits

Incorporating GoHire's White Label ATS into your job board doesn't just provide an untapped revenue stream; it's a transformative approach that amplifies your value proposition, streamlines your operations, and significantly enhances user satisfaction. 

In a competitive landscape, this might just be the edge your job board needs.

Enhanced Functionalities and User Satisfaction

  • Premium User Experience: With GoHire's White Label ATS, your job board can leap from being a standard listing site to a holistic recruitment platform.

    This system, which you can rebrand as your own, offers superior functionalities that can transform the user experience.

    Think of AI hiring tools, intuitive dashboards for employers, and a seamless application process for candidates. Your users won't just notice the difference; they'll relish it. 

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: The recruitment landscape is evolving, and to stay relevant, you need to offer more than just job listings.

    With the advanced features of GoHire's White Label ATS, your job board will stand out, attracting more employers and job seekers and ensuring they stay loyal to your platform.

Read more about how these extra functionalities can benefit your job board. 

Simplify with Single Integration

  • Eliminate Integration Hassles: Typically, job boards might need to integrate with multiple ATS used by different employers, a tedious and often complex process.

    With GoHire's solution, you integrate once and provide employers with an ATS they can rebrand and call their own.

    This not only simplifies your backend processes but also becomes a unique selling point for your job board.

  • Enhanced Consistency and Reliability: A single integration means fewer points of failure.

    The result? Reduced downtime, fewer integration-related issues, and a more reliable service for your users.

    It's a win-win for everyone involved.

Find out more about how your job board can simplify integrations with GoHire's white-label ATS solution. 

Zero Build or Set-Up Costs

  • Immediate Deployment without the Costs: Developing an ATS from scratch or even setting up off-the-shelf solutions can be costly and time-consuming.

    GoHire's White Label ATS allows you to bypass these challenges.

    There are no hefty upfront development costs, and you can deploy an industry-standard ATS rebranded as your own in no time.

  • Ongoing Cost Benefits: It's not just about the initial savings.

    Given that GoHire handles updates, maintenance, and potential fixes, you're spared from ongoing technical costs, ensuring that your focus remains on driving your job board's growth and revenue.

Discover how there really are zero setup costs. 

Brand Enhancement

  • Positioning as a Market Innovator: By integrating an advanced tool like GoHire's ATS, your job board establishes itself as a forward-thinking, cutting-edge platform.

    This kind of positioning attracts forward-thinking companies and top-tier talent.

  • Trust and Credibility Boost: Offering a sophisticated ATS not only enhances the operational aspect of your platform but also solidifies your reputation as a reliable, advanced job board in the market.

    This boosts your credibility, making businesses and job seekers more likely to choose your platform over competitors.

GoHire’s white-label ATS is more than just a tech tool—it's your ticket to revenue excellence.

Dive into this monetisation opportunity and watch as your job board carves its unique niche, promising sustained growth and outstanding profitability.

Ready to take the leap?

Join GoHire today and reshape your earnings landscape.

By Sophie Smith

27 Aug 2023 · 3 min read

GoHire’s Head of Strategy, redefining talent acquisition through tech. Passionate about efficiency, scalability, and strategic innovation. Let’s connect to discuss business strategy and the future of HR tech.


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