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Unleash Extra Functionality with GoHire's White Label ATS

Discover how GoHire’s White Label ATS not only amplifies job board functionalities but also transforms user experiences. 

By Chris Smith

29 Aug 2023 · 2 min read

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Unleash Extra Functionality with GoHire's White Label ATS

In the dynamic world of recruitment, job boards have been the reliable cornerstone for employers and job seekers alike.

As the recruitment landscape evolves, job boards have the golden opportunity to refine their offerings, supercharge their earnings and stay ahead of the curve.

GoHire's White Label ATS is an advanced toolset that can seamlessly augment traditional job boards, enhancing features and boosting their appeal to employers and candidates.

What is a White Label ATS?

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a white-label ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is essentially a ready-made software solution that job boards (or other businesses) can rebrand and use as their own.

It offers advanced features and capabilities, all under the banner of the job board's branding, without the need to develop such a system from scratch.

Using GoHire's white-label Applicant Tracking System won't weigh you down with steep initial charges. You can readily customise and roll out the platform under your job board's name without incurring any upfront setup expenses.

Read more about launching your own ATS without setup costs here. 

Enhancing Job Board Experiences

The dynamic of the recruitment landscape is ever-evolving.

And for job boards to stay ahead of the curve, integrating GoHire's White Label ATS is more than just an addition; it's a transformative step that offers enhanced features and enriches user experiences.

  1. Unified Branding with Advanced Features: While your job board has unique branding and identity, integrating GoHire's White Label ATS seamlessly merges your brand aesthetics with cutting-edge functionalities.

    This harmony allows for a fresh yet familiar user experience, making employers and job seekers feel right at home.

  2. Streamlined Application Processes: Employers value efficiency. With GoHire's White Label ATS, the entire recruitment process—from posting job ads to interviewing candidates—is streamlined.

    This not only saves employers time but also ensures that they attract top talent in the shortest duration possible.

  3. Comprehensive Analytics and Insights: One of the cornerstones of modern recruitment is data.

    GoHire’s solution offers in-depth analytics about job listings, user engagement, application rates, and more.

    These insights can be invaluable for employers to refine their recruitment strategies and for job boards to understand user behaviour better.

  4. Optimised Mobile Experience: With a significant portion of job seekers now using mobile devices for their job search, GoHire’s ATS ensures that the mobile experience is fluid, responsive, and efficient.

  5. In-built Communication Tools: Seamless communication between employers and candidates is pivotal.

    The ATS boasts in-built chat tools, schedule coordination features, and automated response mechanisms, making the hiring process more interactive and efficient.

  6. Future-Proofing with Regular Updates: The digital world is constantly advancing.

    GoHire ensures that their White Label ATS receives regular updates, incorporating the latest trends and technologies. This means job boards will always offer the latest and greatest to their users.

Interested In A White-Label ATS? 🤔

GoHire is the best white-label ATS to grow your brand with award-winning recruiting software.

A Strategic Move for Job Boards

Integrating a white-label ATS, such as GoHire’s solution, into a job board platform can unlock multiple revenue streams

  • Offering new, premium features can introduce tiered subscription models.

  • Enhanced user satisfaction translates to higher retention rates and, consequently, a steadier revenue flow.

  • In-depth analytics can attract more employers to the platform, eager to gain insights into their recruitment strategies.

Taking the Leap with GoHire

Transitioning or integrating new systems might seem like a monumental task, but with GoHire’s support, it's a seamless journey.

With a commitment to optimising the recruitment process, GoHire ensures job boards remain indispensable tools in the industry.

Dive deeper into the specifics by exploring GoHire's suite of features or engage with testimonials showcasing the transformational impact of such collaborations.

Let's wrap up 

Job boards have consistently proven their value in the recruitment ecosystem.

With the integration of GoHire's White Label ATS, they can further elevate their offerings, ensuring they remain the preferred platforms for job seekers and employers today and in the future.


What is a White Label ATS, and how can it benefit businesses?

A White Label ATS is a customisable applicant tracking system that businesses can brand as their own. It allows companies to benefit from advanced recruitment features while presenting a unified and professional image to candidates and clients.

What extra functionality does GoHire's White Label ATS offer compared to standard ATS solutions?

GoHire's White Label ATS offers additional functionality, such as full customization of the platform's appearance, domain, and branding. It also provides unique features like integrated video interviews, one-click job posting, and seamless team collaboration tools.

How can branding benefit a business using a White Label ATS?

Branding can help businesses maintain a consistent and professional image throughout the hiring process. It reinforces their identity, increases brand recognition, and fosters trust among candidates and clients.

Why is integrated video interviewing considered a valuable feature in GoHire's White Label ATS?

Integrated video interviewing in GoHire's White Label ATS enhances the candidate evaluation process. It allows businesses to conduct remote interviews, assess candidates soft skills, and make more informed hiring decisions, all within the same platform.

How can GoHire's White Label ATS streamline team collaboration during the hiring process?

GoHire's White Label ATS offers collaboration tools that simplify team communication and coordination. It enables hiring teams to work together seamlessly, share feedback, and ensure a smooth and efficient hiring workflow, ultimately saving time and resources.

By Chris Smith

29 Aug 2023 · 2 min read

Founder of GoHire, dedicated to simplifying hiring for SMBs across the globe. Passionate about tech, SaaS, business, and recruitment innovations. Always up for a chat about the latest in our field. Let's connect!


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