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5 Top ATS Software In Singapore

Did you know that 75% of hiring professionals use recruitment software or ATS? Discover the best tools to optimise your hiring process.

By Owen Hollins

22 Sep 2023 · 5 min read

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5 Top ATS Software In Singapore

Singapore, a nexus of cultural heritage and state-of-the-art technological advancements, has made its mark as a global business hub.

Nestled within the heart of Southeast Asia, its vibrant corporate tapestry is beautifully interwoven with traditional ethos and avant-garde practices.

In such a dynamic environment, the recruitment landscape is continuously evolving, with companies keen to harness technology to find the ideal candidates.

The rise of digital recruitment strategies in Singapore underlines the importance of utilising the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

An optimal ATS ensures not only that you're in sync with the competitive rhythm of the city-state but also that you tap into its rich talent reservoir with finesse and agility.

For those of you keen on delving deeper into Singapore's recruitment panorama, we invite you to explore our other insightful blogs on the top 11 recruitment agencies in Singapore and the top job boards in Singapore.

But for now, let's navigate the maze of ATS software that Singaporean companies find indispensable.

1. GoHire

As a trailblazer in the world of ATS, GoHire has made significant strides within the Singaporean market.

Recognised for its robust features and intuitive design, GoHire consistently ranks as a preferred choice for many enterprises in Singapore. Here's why:

  • Integrated Job Board Posting: Singapore boasts a multi-faceted job market, with job seekers frequenting a plethora of job boards. GoHire's capability to post across multiple platforms ensures that listings garner maximum visibility, tapping into various demographic and professional segments.

  • Comprehensive Reporting Tools: In the bustling corporate scene of Singapore, data-driven strategies reign supreme. GoHire's robust reporting tools help HR professionals derive actionable insights, enabling them to refine their recruitment strategies for better outcomes.

  • Efficient Candidate Management: From the moment a candidate sends in their application to the final onboarding process, GoHire ensures a seamless experience. This system is designed to reduce manual intervention, making it easier for HR teams to focus on candidate interaction and assessment.
  • Collaborative Hiring Features: Given the collaborative work culture of Singaporean businesses, GoHire’s ATS includes features that enable multiple team members to provide feedback, score candidates, and maintain a streamlined communication process. This fosters a sense of inclusivity, ensuring that hiring decisions are holistic.

Singaporean companies, from budding startups to established corporations, find in GoHire a reliable partner that comprehends the intricacies of local recruitment while delivering global standards of efficiency.

2. CATS 

Designed for both recruitment agencies and HR departments, CATS has started making waves in the HR tech scene, even in vibrant business hubs like Singapore.

Here's what makes it stand out:

  • Custom Workflows: The flexibility of CATS is one of its standout features. Companies in Singapore, known for their diverse business models and multifaceted industries, require software that can adapt to their unique needs. CATS allows teams to craft recruitment workflows tailored to their specific hiring procedures, ensuring that no two companies have to employ the same cookie-cutter approach.

  • Resume Parsing: With the surge of applications many companies receive, sifting through resumes becomes a herculean task. CATS offers resume parsing. This feature not only automates the initial stages of candidate assessment but also ensures that the data extracted from diverse resume formats remains consistent, allowing for a smoother comparison.

  • Job Order Management: For recruitment agencies in Singapore, which often juggle multiple clients and job roles, CATS comes as a saviour. The Job Order Management tool ensures that each job order, no matter how complex or varied, can be tracked, managed, and executed without any hitches. It offers a structured approach to what can often become a chaotic process.

The adaptability, combined with its specific tools designed for both in-house recruitment and agencies, makes CATS a compelling option for businesses and recruitment professionals in Singapore.

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3. Freshteam by Freshworks

Businesses in Singapore, known for their pursuit of efficiency and innovation, may find Freshteam a suitable match for their recruitment needs. Here’s why:

  • Candidate 360: Freshteam offers a holistic view known as Candidate 360. This means, at a glance, recruiters and hiring managers can view every interaction, note, and status update associated with a candidate. It eliminates the need to dig through emails or disparate systems, ensuring no crucial detail is overlooked during the recruitment process.

  • Automated Job Posting: Singapore’s job market is bustling, and reaching the right audience promptly is key. With Freshteam, businesses can automatically post to several popular job boards, ensuring vacancies get the maximum exposure. This automation not only saves time but also ensures that companies remain competitive in attracting top talent.

  • Referral Management: Singapore’s business community, with its interconnected networks, can benefit immensely from employee referrals. Freshteam's referral management system streamlines this process. Employees can easily refer candidates, and recruiters can track these referrals, making the entire system more transparent and efficient.

By marrying traditional ATS capabilities with modern-day features that cater to dynamic business needs, Freshteam by Freshworks is positioning itself as a top contender for businesses in Singapore seeking an efficient and comprehensive recruitment solution.

4. CEIPAL TalentHire

CEIPAL TalentHire is not just an Applicant Tracking System (ATS); it's an ecosystem that facilitates the hiring process for both staffing agencies and corporate HR departments. Here's why CEIPAL TalentHire stands out, especially for businesses in Singapore:

  • Global Resume Database: Singapore, being a global business hub, often requires talent from various parts of the world. CEIPAL's vast resume database ensures you can tap into global talent pools, bringing a diverse range of expertise to your firm.

  • Customizable Workflows: Every company has its unique hiring flow. Instead of conforming to a system, CEIPAL TalentHire allows businesses to customize the recruitment workflow, ensuring it mirrors their established processes.

  • Vendor Management System (VMS) Integration: Especially beneficial for staffing agencies, CEIPAL's VMS integration ensures a streamlined process when dealing with multiple third-party recruitment vendors, a common scenario in Singapore's dynamic job market.

With its extensive feature set and a keen understanding of modern recruitment challenges, CEIPAL TalentHire has solidified its position as a reliable ATS choice for companies in Singapore. 

5. TurboHire

Let's unpack what makes TurboHire a significant contender in the ATS realm, especially for businesses operating in Singapore:

  • Smart Job Postings: TurboHire recognises that a job vacancy's visibility can make or break the recruitment process. With a single click, recruiters can distribute vacancies across multiple platforms. Given Singapore's diverse job-seeker base, this widespread visibility ensures businesses tap into varied talent pools.

  • Layered Candidate Ranking: Beyond just listing potential candidates, TurboHire ranks them based on a match percentage. By doing this, it ensures that hiring managers don't get overwhelmed with the volume but instead focus on the quality and relevancy of candidates. This ranking considers skills, experience, qualifications, and cultural fit – a blend that's paramount for Singapore's multicultural business environment.

  • Feedback Loop Integration: Feedback is the backbone of continuous improvement. TurboHire's platform integrates feedback loops at various stages of the hiring process, ensuring recruiters and hiring managers always have a pulse on what's working and what needs tweaking.

TurboHire is carving a niche for itself. For companies in Singapore, where the talent war is fierce and the stakes are high, an ATS like TurboHire can be the secret weapon to attract, engage, and onboard the best talent available.

Let's wrap up

Renowned for its business dynamism and innovation, Singapore demands recruitment solutions that align with its fast-paced ecosystem.

As companies grapple with attracting top-tier talent in a competitive market, the significance of a robust ATS becomes evident.

From GoHire's holistic platform tailored to modern recruitment challenges to more niche solutions like TurboHire and CATS, businesses in Singapore are spoilt for choice.

It's essential to remember that while software can streamline processes, the human touch remains irreplaceable.

Thus, combining intuitive software with thoughtful human intervention creates the perfect synergy.

As you weigh your options, consider our other blogs on top recruitment agencies and job boards in Singapore to ensure you make the most informed decision for your business. 

By Owen Hollins

22 Sep 2023 · 5 min read

I am the Growth Manager at GoHire and will be the person you speak to on demos of our hiring platform. When not doing this, I am passionate about cricket, cheering on my beloved Newcastle F.C. in the stands, and taking my trusty labrador for power walks!


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