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Top 6 ATS Software in UAE

With an increasing number of companies in the Emirates turning to digital recruitment tools, discover why GoHire stands out and learn about its formidable competitors. 

By Sophie Smith

19 Sep 2023 · 5 min read

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Top 6 ATS Software in UAE

In recent years, the recruitment landscape in the UAE has experienced an unprecedented transformation.

With a burgeoning economy and a projected 3.1% growth rate for 2023, the region has seen a massive influx of international talent and a simultaneous rise in national startups and SMEs.

As per recent studies, nearly 45% of businesses in the UAE plan to increase their workforce in the next year.

With such rapid expansion on the horizon, the relevance and necessity of robust recruitment tools cannot be overstated.

Central to this recruitment revolution is the rise in the adoption of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Now, while ATS systems play a pivotal role in the recruitment process, it's essential to remember that they're just one piece of the puzzle.

If you're keen on a holistic recruitment approach in the UAE, you might also be interested in our previous deep dives on the top recruitment agencies and the most influential job boards in the UAE. 

ATS systems aren't just digital repositories but strategic tools that empower businesses to streamline recruitment, reduce hiring time, and ensure they nab top talent before competitors do.

The spotlight is increasingly on the top ATS software in UAE as companies seek to maintain a competitive edge in recruitment.

Let's delve into the intricacies of the top ATS software in UAE, which are leading the charge and setting new standards in the recruitment arena.

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1. GoHire

Recognised as a leading solution amongst the top ATS software in UAE, GoHire has established itself as a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes in the region.

With its user-friendly interface and myriad of features tailored to address the unique hiring challenges faced by companies in the Middle East, it's no wonder GoHire stands out in a competitive marketplace.

  • Intuitive User Interface: Designed with usability in mind, GoHire ensures that recruiters, regardless of their tech savviness, can navigate the system effortlessly, streamlining the entire recruitment process.

  • Comprehensive Analytics: One of GoHire's standout features is its in-depth analytics. It provides clear insights into the recruitment pipeline, helping firms understand where they excel and where improvements are needed. This kind of data-driven approach can drastically reduce hiring times and improve the quality of candidates shortlisted.
  • Customisable Career Pages: Every brand is unique, and GoHire gets that. Companies can tweak their career pages to resonate with their brand ethos, ensuring a consistent and attractive image to potential hires.
  • Robust Integration: GoHire integrates seamlessly with many job boards and social media platforms. This ensures that job postings get maximum visibility and that candidate information flows smoothly through various stages of the hiring process.
  • Collaborative Hiring Features: The platform encourages teamwork. Multiple team members can review, comment on, and rate candidates, making the selection process more holistic and inclusive.
  • Candidate Management System: It’s not just about attracting talent but managing them effectively too. From the first touchpoint to the final interview, GoHire's system ensures candidates have a smooth journey, leading to a positive brand perception.

2. Rakuna

Rakuna is an emerging platform that has been getting traction in various regions, including the UAE. Its modern design and mobile-first approach resonate well with the tech-savvy talent in the region.

  • Event Recruiting: One of Rakuna's standout features is its emphasis on event-based recruiting. Companies attending job fairs or hosting their own events can use Rakuna to capture leads on the spot.
  • Mobile Recruiting: The Rakuna Recruit mobile app allows recruiters to screen candidates, rate them, and even add notes on-the-go, making the process more dynamic.
  • Instant Interview Scheduling: Given the time-sensitive nature of some hires, Rakuna's instant scheduling feature reduces time-to-hire significantly.

Rakuna's modern approach to recruitment and its emphasis on real-time data and event-driven hiring make it an appealing choice for companies looking to adopt a more agile recruitment methodology in the UAE.

3. Talentera

An ATS platform tailored explicitly for the Middle East market, Talentera is a testament to how technology and region-specific insights can be fused to create a powerful recruitment tool.

  • Custom Career Sites: Talentera ensures that companies can create a seamless brand experience right from the job application process. Their custom career sites allow firms to reflect their ethos, culture, and values even before a candidate steps into an interview room.

  • Mobile Recruitment: In an era where mobile phones are almost an extension of oneself, Talentera’s mobile-optimized job portals ensure a firm doesn’t miss out on potential candidates just because they prefer browsing on-the-go.

  • Social Recruiting: It's not enough to just post a job vacancy on a company website anymore. Talentera understands this and integrates seamlessly with social media channels popular in the region, broadening the reach of job adverts.

In the heart of its operation, Talentera is geared towards providing a solution that's in sync with the cultural, economic, and technological nuances of the Middle East, making it a top choice for many companies operating in the UAE.

4. iCIMS

A globally recognized recruitment software, iCIMS has not only managed to penetrate markets worldwide but has also tailored its features to resonate with the UAE’s dynamic business environment.

The region's bustling growth, coupled with a diverse workforce, requires a solution that’s both versatile and culturally aware.

  • Scalable Solutions: The UAE is home to both thriving start-ups and established enterprises. iCIMS ensures its platform scales according to company size and needs, ensuring a tailored fit for all.

  • Text Engagement: In an age where immediate communication is the norm, iCIMS' TextRecruit feature, an AI-powered text and live chat tool, ensures recruiters can swiftly engage with candidates, reducing time-to-hire.

  • Integration Capabilities: Understanding that companies may use a myriad of tools for various HR functions, iCIMS offers seamless integration with many HR software tools, creating a unified recruitment ecosystem.

  • Local Support and Training: While being a global brand, iCIMS ensures it has a local presence. The support teams understand regional challenges and nuances, ensuring clients get solutions that are both timely and relevant.

By aligning its global prowess with local needs, iCIMS offers UAE businesses a robust platform that’s equipped to handle the complexities and uniqueness of the Middle Eastern recruitment landscape.

5. MenaITech

Born out of a genuine understanding of the Middle Eastern human capital requirements, MenaITech has been consistently at the forefront of HR solutions tailored specifically for the MENA region.

  • Cultural Relevance: MenaITech is deeply rooted in understanding the cultural nuances of the Middle East, ensuring its platform is both intuitive and culturally sensitive, a feature often overlooked by global software.

  • HRMS Integration: Their platform isn’t just an ATS. It's a comprehensive Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that ensures a seamless flow of data from recruitment to onboarding and beyond.

  • Mobile Recruiting: Understanding the global trend and the specific preference of the Middle Eastern youth towards mobile technology, MenaITech's mobile application ensures recruitment is just a tap away.

  • Training and Development Modules: Recognising the importance of talent growth in the region, their integrated Learning Management System (LMS) ensures candidates once hired, have a structured growth path, a significant value proposition for potential hires. 

MenaITech isn’t just a software solution; it's a bridge between traditional recruitment practices and the evolving technological landscape, ensuring companies in the UAE get the best of both worlds.

6. HireCraft

Having carved a niche for itself in the recruitment software landscape, HireCraft has grown in stature not just because of its feature-rich offering but also its adaptability to the unique hiring requirements of different regions, including the UAE.

  • Custom Workflow Design: Recognising that not all businesses function the same, HireCraft allows companies to customise their recruitment workflows. Whether it's a startup in Dubai or an established conglomerate in Abu Dhabi, the platform bends according to the company's unique processes.

  • Advanced Candidate Profiling: To ensure a fit beyond just skills, HireCraft’s profiling tools delve into behavioural and cultural aspects. In a multicultural environment like the UAE, this feature is invaluable in ensuring harmony in diverse teams.

  • Multi-Channel Job Posting: With its vast integration capabilities, postings can be broadcast across multiple job boards, portals, and even social media, ensuring vacancies reach a wide and varied audience. 

HireCraft's ability to blend global best practices with region-specific requirements makes it an attractive proposition for businesses in the UAE that are seeking a holistic recruitment solution.

 Let's conclude

The UAE’s rapid growth and diverse business landscape demand sophisticated recruitment tools tailored to its unique ecosystem.

As firms vie for top talent, an effective ATS becomes indispensable.

While GoHire leads the charge with its seamless experience and deep understanding of the region, it's evident that many ATS platforms, like MenaITech and HireCraft, are stepping up to cater to the UAE's distinctive needs.

Choosing the right ATS is not just about streamlining the hiring process; it's about ensuring businesses attract, engage, and retain the best in a competitive market.

As you consider your options, remember to reflect upon your company's specific needs and how each software aligns with your broader HR goals.

After all, in the thriving business landscape of the UAE, the right hiring decisions can be a game-changer.

By Sophie Smith

19 Sep 2023 · 5 min read

GoHire’s Head of Strategy, redefining talent acquisition through tech. Passionate about efficiency, scalability, and strategic innovation. Let’s connect to discuss business strategy and the future of HR tech.


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