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Creative Ideas to advertise jobs on social media

Looking for a powerful tool or platform to advertise your jobs on social media? Post your jobs on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube to reach a talent pool of active and passive candidates today!

By Aaina Bajaj

14 Apr 2023 · 4 min read

Creative Ideas to advertise jobs on social media

Social media posts and announcements are the advanced news channels to access while sipping every day's morning tea. The power of social media to make the post viral through advertising is fantastic. With over 3 billion users, it is a great platform to utilise its ability to approach a vast pool of different audience types.

When you advertise jobs on social media, your job post will be easy to reach new hires or job seekers by scrolling through or searching options. Unsurprisingly, the reach extends to far more than expected when it gets shared, reposted, commented on, and liked.

In today's digital age, many businesses and recruitment agencies take advantage of advertising jobs on social media to recruit candidates for different job roles. Opting for various social media recruiting tools, they have added talented candidates to their company's growth.

Top 7 creative ways to advertise jobs on social media

Knowing how to advertise jobs on social media is the first thing you should do to hire talented candidates for your company. Explore the list of creative and best advertising methods to opt for posting jobs on social media platforms.

LinkedIn Job Templates

LinkedIn is a solid worldwide professional network with over 900 million members in 200+ nations and territories. You can easily reach out to potential candidates when you advertise jobs on LinkedIn

You can promote or advertise job openings using LinkedIn paid ads and target the desired audience worldwide. LinkedIn offers an easy-to-apply option to speed up the application process. It also eases the way for the candidates to reach out to you.

Recruiting managers or HR can also post a status update on the LinkedIn page of their company. They can also include a short link to LinkedIn's job listing on the career page. The connections will view the job opening and may land on the career page to explore more about the description.

Twitter Job Templates

Twitter is a popular social media platform with 450 million active users. The recruiter can announce the job opening using specific requirements and a job post or career page link within 280 characters. Add a catchy title, location, hashtags, and a call-to-action message to hit a large audience.

For example:

"Are you a data-driven problem solver with a passion for business? We want YOU! Our team is looking for a Business Analyst to help us drive success. Click the link to learn more and apply now! #BusinessAnalyst #Hiring #JoinOurTeam #ApplyNow [insert job link]."

Make sure you have directed the audience to the right page where they can get complete information about the job description, company, and work benefits.

Facebook Job Template

Facebook has 2.963 billion users, connecting people all over the world. When advertising job posts on Facebook, recruiters can select the target audience type and region where they want to search for the top talent for particular job roles.

Facebook job advertising is a cost-effective mode for the companies for their companies when the hiring budget is limited, and the demand is high.

When you advertise a job post on Facebook, give a catchy title and keep the instructions in bullet points, and remember to add a call to action using words like 'today' and 'now.'

A graphic post displaying no. of positions, work experience, and communication modes like Email or contact no. can be a good idea to display ads on Facebook. You can also add benefits or perks of joining your company and work culture.

Youtube Shorts

Youtube shorts and stories are the new way to advertise jobs on social media. Like Instagram and Facebook, you can create a 24-hour story of immediate hiring posts on Youtube.

Create a company account on Youtube. Prepare a short video and upload it to youtube. Share the hiring shorts video link in your circle and get the reference of potential candidates for the job roles.

Instagram Job Templates

Instagram is the talk of the town; everyone does. With 1.35 billion users, Instagram has become a worldwide used platform for running businesses, from recruitment to partnership offers. Firstly, you must create a professional business account, mentioning the business category, contact no., and other required details.

For designing and creativity, Instagram offers unique templates to display font type, text, and images to highlight the call to action button and link with graphics. Make a story, reel, or post to create a new job opportunity graphic or photo to post on Instagram and share this with your followers to repost and give references to potential candidates. Recruiters can use a content creator AI tool to make stunning graphics that attract candidates without the help of an illustrator. 

Advertise on Snapchat

Today's young generation is highly active on Snapchat. In 2023, there will be approx—375 million active users on Snapchat who share their work culture and everyday routine with the connections.

With every hour's update and its checklist has been hitting great traffic on Snapchat. No matter when you have been advertising job posts on Snapchat through a campaign, your story will drive incredible traffic from job seekers and interested candidates.

Giving the option to apply for the job post via a short video resume (Snap), you can fetch a vast database of potential candidates.


Every content creator has been active on TikTok and sharing their business to personal views on this platform. It is one of the most viral video-creating platforms that has been widely used by people all around the world. If you have a good audience view or engagement on your account, advertise job posts on TikTok to share the no. of openings and job details with the viewers.

Make a creative recruitment video and get more insight into the job roles that your company has offered for different sites or locations. Sharing your work culture, flexibility, the scene, and office activities is a great idea to boost the company's branding on TikTok and attract job seekers or experienced candidates to join your organisation.


In a digital world where organisations have been competing worldwide to search for top talent, reaching the best candidate is crucial to execute business operations productively. 

Advertising jobs on social media platforms and job boards can be an effective recruitment strategy to expand your active and potential candidate pool. By implementing a well-structured plan, you can take advantage of social media recruitment to hire new talent today. So why wait to recruit candidates through social media advertising techniques? Start taking benefit of advertising your jobs on the social media-internal link and elevate the hiring efforts to new scales now!

By Aaina Bajaj

14 Apr 2023 · 4 min read


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